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The story of the Luxe Motor Watergeus, the Groningse snik Hornblower, the klipperaak Aquarel, the lemmeraak 'Op Hoop van Zegen' and how to convert a Dutch barge into a houseboat.
MS Watergeus
The Watergeus is my home. It's an old Dutch Luxe Motor, built in 1929. She was about to be scrapped when we bought her...
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MS Aquarel
The Aquarel is an authentic klipperaak from 1916 converted for exhibitions and with a permanent small museum of maritime artifacts.
MY Op Hoop van Zegen
Op Hoop van Zegen
The 'Op Hoop van Zegen' is a lemmeraak from 1916. She is being converted into a classic looking yacht.
I spent most of my time in or around boats. Read what I'm doing!
MS Hornblower
The Hornblower was a project of converting a snik into a yacht. I sold her in 2014 to start another project.
HomeOp Hoop van Zegen Conversion • June 2016

June 2016

2nd June 2016

To avoid any more water from getting into the ship, I sealed any possible opening in the ship, starting with the portholes and finishing with the air vents. It doesn't look right, but it will keep my ship dry.

6th June 2016

Half of the hold is now cleaned and painted.

7th June 2016

Wood was delivered in the early morning. I loaded it on the Watergeus before going to work. In the evening, I moved the construction wood to the 'Op Hoop van Zegen'.

8th June 2016

Half a year ago, I got metal from a neighbour. He raised the den of his spits barge and cut some holes for windows. Those pieces were stored on the 'Op Hoop van Zegen' for some time now. I cleaned them for welding since they were cut with a torch and the sides had some ####.

9th June 2016

We welded some L-shape profiles on the deck and mounted the metal sheets I cleaned yesterday. I have now a square open box above the engine room. This means there is standing height in the engine room. Welding was a success until the generator decided to give up. The engine ran but no power came out. We heard some noise, but were unable to solve the issue.

I asked some power to the people living in the houses opposite my ship. Nobody wanted to help. They all had an excuse. I was disappointed in the mentality of human beings , and especially in those living there. Since I have no money for a new generator, we decided to tow the 'Op Hoop van Zegen' along the Watergeus. A friend came with a small boat with an outboard and off we were. It took us half an hour and they had to open the bridge twice.

Once arrived, I opened a case of beer and we had a good drink and a laugh.

10th June 2016

I cleaned the outside, put a cover of the engine room and had a few more hours of sleep... It seemed that more beer then fuel was used yesterday...

12th June 2016

The best decision was to put her alongside. I have descent power, no noisy generator and always light.

13th June 2016

I just bought myself a new hoover. Much better then the previous one which is worn out, leaking and badly damaged. I spent 50 EURO and it did the job. If lasts longer, I'm a very happy man. All the sand is gone from the bilges. I have clean concrete again. I dropped some sheets on the ribs so I can walk around and sort out my tools before starting the big job of converting the front cabin.

14th June 2016

A clean job, this what I wanted for today. Not messing around with oil or any other dirt. I build a frame for one side and enjoyed doing it. It went surprisingly well and in no time, a frame for a wall appeared.

18th June 2016

Time to continue on the engine room project. Today we welded the roof and the frame for the big skylight.

24th June 2016

I bought insulation. It is one of the most annoying jobs on a ship.

25th June 2016

Last year, I salvaged a wheelhouse from a spits barge. It is a small wooden cabin that can fit on the 'Op Hoop van Zegen'. It was stored in the Watergeus on several locations. It took me all morning to get the pieces. My father came to help. It is now temporary mounted on the roof of the front cabin.

26th June 2016

Insulating the ship and mounting power cables. Before you realise it, the day has gone and you barely see any changes.

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