30rd November 2006 – The most worrying job I had left for this year was finding windows for my boat. A lot of people told me it would become a very expensive job and so it was. I didn’t have many options, since my den has a height of 62cm. The hatches are cut in and take 10cm, so 52 cm were left for windows.

I started looking two months ago for windows of an average height of 40cm. I didn’t want the small portholes, since the don’t offer me enough light; also I didn’t want house windows, like so many houseboat barges. Windows can ruin the whole look of a boat.

I bought 11 portholes from a friend and received six other windows for free. Windows I helped removing from another ship for him.

The portholes are 40cm height and have bronze storm hatches. They need a lot of cleaning, a job for the next couple of days…