23th November 2007 – Since I need some more space for living in the old accommodation, I decided to make some adjustments. I’m planning on removing one bed and make a small office space in this area. At the other hand I always decided not to touch the original accommodation, since it is so original.

In the early morning we removed the mattress and other stuff that was piled on the bed. This proved I needed some more space. The bed was very solid made. I tried to keep as much paneling as possible for the future. In the old days nearly every sing bit was made of hard wood, wood that is often no longer available these days. After removing several pieces, I had to use a saw or breakdown the whole accommodation.

The free space made with removing the bed wasn’t that big. Since I have a Luxe Motor, the back goes up above the waterline. This means the very back is only 50cm off difference with the bottom metal plate and the gangway on top of it. So I had a flat space of Ω meter and the rest went up, impossible to put a decent desk or table.

After cleaning all the old stuff under the bed (even from previous owners) I painted the wood under the bed. Normally this wood won’t be visible, but I like it to be clean at least. I stopped working early since there was a party next door…