15th December 2007 – Very early we left for Sluiskil to go and get the little boat at the scrapyard. I mainly joined as a spare crew member and photographer, a job I’ve don well. The other job, a crew member seemed necessary as well, but that’s another story!

When we arrived, the engine of the ship (Dolfijn, a kempenaar from 1957 and sister ship of the Libra) was already running. Undoing the ropes and we set sail to Ghent. In 1,5 hours we were at the scrapyard. I felt bad seeing so many ships I knew, like the trawler from Sluiskil, the Sabrina, my first ship I visited for buying, a commercial Kempenaar, a spits barge from Ghent and the boat we had to take. Behind us, a big pile of wood, once 6 MSO-minesweepers.

We pulled the little ship out by hand, then had to open the gate, which hold oil and rubbish from floating in the canal, and pull her alongside the Dolfijn. After this job was finished, they gave me a little time to take some more pictures.

15 minutes later, we sailed back and now to Terneuzen. Since I’m planning to go on course to learn to sail, I sailed with the Dolfijn and other boat. I’m used to a wheel steering, but working with this ship was hard, not on pilot, but when he switched off the pilot it became to difficult.

After mooring the little boat in Terneuzen, we sailed back to Sluiskil and took a break. Both of us were broken. We drove the car to Terneuzen, moored the little ship properly and went home.

Once arrived at the barge, I had to refill the fire with petrol, fill the water tanks, and did some other jobs. I believe I will sleep good this night, part of a great day that has passed!