6th January 2008 – Such a nice, day, I wish it was warmer, so I could sit outside and enjoy having a ship instead of having to work on it. Unless I want to wait another year, I have to work to make sure some progress is made. Therefore in the afternoon I finished painting the roof and den on the inside with line oil. The sides of the ship will follow when I have cleaned up the cargo hold.

My neighbour tried again to start the engine, and yes this time somebody found the cause. The batteries were empty. The water compartments were empty, the same problem I had at the end of November. We’ll try again somewhere this week.

I finally made some time to setup my computer nicely. I always updated this site from home, now I can do it from aboard the Watergeus whenever the Internet connection gets ready.

In the morning I went to the old docks in the harbour where an oil boat is moored. It is a ship from the fifties or early sixties. I took some pictures for the Binnenvaarttaal project,