Month: April 2008 - page 2

Watergeus – Cleaning the davit

7th April 2008 – When I got back from work I decided to continue working, first a bit of cleaning the crane. When it started raining I worked inside. The rest of the floor needs finishing, so I cut insulation and placed some more wood. It doesn’t look like much has changed, still I worked another six hours. The progress is slow, but the quality is good.

It is now exactly two years that I’m the proud owner (on paper) of the Watergeus.

Watergeus – A small davit for the stern

6th April 2008 – In the morning I cleaned my deck and a bit of the hold. Yesterday when the portholes were cut, a lot of things needed cleaning.

In the evening I bought a crane and it was loaded aboard. It needs cleaning and a lot of paint. Furthermore I need to change the current situation and weld some new supports to hold it. Since it was Sunday I decided to stop working early instead of graining and bashing with a hammer.

Watergeus – Working with a hangover

5th April 2008 – A hectic day today, not only did we continue with the wood and insulation, four new portholes were placed and I started working on another watertight compartment in my ship. There was a party last night, so all the noise and a heavy head didn’t made it exactly a good day. By the end of the evening, a lot of progress was made, but I had to go to another reception, this time of a nautical organization restoring old wooden ships.