Month: February 2009

Watergeus – Making preparations

26th February 2009 – I prepared all my tools for a big job tomorrow, removing the bow rudder on the Julie. While asking around, many people were positive on putting one back, but only when you use a professional crew. Since I’m never going to sail without a skipper, it might be useful. If not, it’s another original piece I’m putting back on my ship.

Watergeus – Planning

25th February 2009 – The last couple of days have been mainly spent on planning the further conversion of my ship. Since several things need to be done and each of them needs the other to be finished, I had to think very carefully. Furthermore, I’m keeping the option open of putting back a bow rudder in the ship.

Watergeus – Fore peak

9th February 2009 – In the fore peak there will be a small guest room. Now it’s a a storage space, or rather a big pile of useful stuff. I started cleaning it out. It took me around three hours before I could move a feet or two.

Watergeus – Insulation

7th February 2009 – While in the morning we worked on the bathroom, a friend helped finishing the boxes around the windows. My mother painted the corridor.

Since I learned my lesson last month when all the water pipes were frozen, I do now take some precautions by building two insulated walls and having the pipes in between them. This should prevent them from freezing that quickly. When there will be heating they should remain good.

Watergeus – A wall of the bathroom

4th February 2009 – I did some small work on the bathroom, finishing one wall and starting another one. It is the last big room that needs insulation and wood panels to be finished. In a few weeks, I’ll start on the water circuit and toilet / shower so it needs to be finished.

Watergeus – Inspection holes

1st February 2009 – During the conversion of the Watergeus, the real first project I did by myself, I made a few mistakes in the beginning that could become a problem later. I talked to a few people and they showed me where I made the errors. My floor exists of two levels of wood on top of a wooden frame. Between the two layers, there is insulation. When they are welding, there is enough space between the bottom of the ship and the first layer of wood. Even the wooden frame is high enough. When there would be water in the bilges, I could not be able to reach to it. Therefore I will have to make some inspection holes. My intention was to make two of them, but now I’ve decided to build several ones.

The sides of my interior are around 17cm away from the metal hull. Far enough for in case they need to weld. At the other hand I noticed this week when they were welding some of the insulation started melting a little and smoke appeared. I can look between the hull and the wooden sides, but can’t reach it. Therefore I’m now making side inspection hatches as well. I’ll hope I will never need them, but I like to have them instead of ripping out my interior if something would happen.

Besides making plans for the above adjustments, I cleaned the engine room.