Month: April 2009

Watergeus – Filling the tanks

29th April 2009 – In the evening I started filling the tanks. Quickly I discovered a tank was leaking, so I shut it of from the rest. Another tank started leaking as well, so I stopped filling them. Since I learned a lot at my neighbour last year, I decided to stay while filling the tanks, so no harm was done when they started leaking. I still had dry bilges!

Watergeus – Walls

28th April 2009 – Since we didn’t have all the pieces for the water system, the tanks were connected to the pump and that’s it for the plumbing today.

I started building the first wall in the forecastle. I tried a few possibilities and ideas since I want to have the maximum of space out of this small area. When it was dark I had to stop working, but at least half of a frame is standing.

Watergeus – Technical area

19th April 2009 – Somewhere the coming week we would connect the watertanks and pump.

Therefore we wanted to finish the ceiling and walls of this reasonable big room. A metal plate had to be moved, a fuel tank and some other heavy stuff.

After this had been gone, I could start building the walls. By the end of the evening one wall was done and two plates were mounted as ceiling. It was a bit disappointing that we could only get that far, but at least it looks tidy and it will be easier to work in this area now.

Watergeus – Technical area

11th April 2009 – The area where the pump and watertanks are stored is called technical area #2. In a few weeks time, we will finally connect the tanks. There is no insulation in that room, so I decided to change this. We made the wall to the living area insulated and the roof. Since it was over 35°C in that room, we had to stop working after a while. Every hole we drilled in the metal was becoming harder and harder.

Watergeus – Cutting metal

9th April 2009 – In the front technical area where the watertanks and pump are stored, there was a big sheet of metal. It was cut out of the roof when the big skylight was built. I stored it in the front when there were no walls in the hold. Now, two years later, I still had that plate and it had to get out of the boat.

It took me an hour to cut the sheet and put the pieces together. They were to heavy to get out by one person, but at least they now fit through the small door of the front accommodation.