Month: May 2009

Watergeus – Plumbing

13th May 2009 – The plumbing for the bathroom is ending it’s final stage. A few more pipes were connected, but it could all have been done more easier if the frames were straight and less corners were built.

Watergeus – Filling tanks, testing pump and painting

5th May 2009 – In the afternoon I filled the tanks up to their maximum level (1000 liters each) and emptied them through the pump that was connected last week. I had a nice deck wash!

The outside dining table was painted. It was now the third year I had it, so it had to be painted once to extend it’s lifetime.

In the forepeak, the floor was painted red. If it turns out to be nice, I might do it as well in the living room. It’s an idea from another ship.

Watergeus – Plumbing

3th May 2009 – In the morning we reconnected the tanks. We let them dry before putting water in and yes they remained dry, no leaks! In the afternoon we made the copper fittings for the bathroom and kitchen.