Month: August 2010

Watergeus – Sanding

29th August 2010 – The weather is no good for working outside, so I continued sanding down the back accommodation. All the vanish needs to go since I’m about to paint everything. Since my camera is broken I can’t take any pictures from the work in progress.

Watergeus – Removing paint and front cabin

7th August 2010 – By the end of the month I would like to see the whole deck of the Watergeus painted. It has now taken over 4 months since I started the job. Sadly enough, in the afternoon the rain avoided me from working outside.

Since I’m still working on the back accommodation and front cabin, I knew what to do…

Watergeus – Front cabin

2nd August 2010 –  The front cabin is nearly ready, once side needs to be finished. Once the wood work is done, I’ll do the fittings for a sink and washing machine. Then the whole room needs painting. I’m still looking for a floor.

Visiting the Bonne Chance in Antwerp

1st August 2010 – Once in a while; people ask me to join them to visit a barge they are interested in. Today I went to Antwerp to visit a spits barge. I was amazed to find such a traditional looking barge with so many original fittings. Whether the sale will go through, I don’t know but at least I had a great day and have seen some nice barges!