Month: March 2012

Slavery or Hobby?

27th March 2012 – When I bought the Escapade and later the Hornblower, I always made myself a promise: I shall not work as hard as I did on the Watergeus.

I’m still keeping that promise, but it is fading away. Since last week, I spent every evening (except Friday) working on the Hornblower. Most of the weekend was also gone into working aboard the little ship.

I’m really starting to wonder if this is hobby or just me becoming a slave of all the work on both vessels?

Watergeus – Hatch

18th March 2012 – I made a simple design for the hatch / cover of the box. Two T-profiles were welded to the side of the box. On those profiles, a sheet will be sided. This sheet is also the cover. It is not waterproof yet, but it will at least stop most of the rain from getting to the generator.

While cutting the metal for the hatch, my grinder gave up on me. It is now the second tool that breaks down in less then a week. I guess they are become old…

Wategeus – Cleaning underneath the hatches part I

17th March 2012 – The area between the metal roof and the hatches had never been painted before. I used it as a storage space for metal, tools and ropes. Today, we cleaned half of the area. Most of the metal has been lowered in the engine room. It does not only helps for the weight (propeller needs to be under water), all my metal is now in one place.

Once the area was cleared, I cleaned it with a metal brush and put some Zinga paint on the bare metal. I hope it will last several years!