Month: May 2013

Aquarel – Change of plans

14th May 2013 – Weather is no good, to much wind. This means we are not leaving tomorrow. I did go to see the boat, check everything and charged the batteries a little more. While I was there, I fixed a few more issues that could become more of problem during the journey.

People told me the boat is stuck in the mud. I had a similar feeling, but this is not true. By undoing some more ropes, she moved forward and in reverse by hand!

Aquarel – Fueling up the system

7th May 2013 – The Watergeus has plenty of fuel left from the last journey. I brought ten empty Jerry cans and filled them up. Together with start pilot and batteries, I drove to Ghent to unload it on the boat. I think I will need around 150 liters for a six hour journey. I’ll try to take double to be sure. I don’t want to call a tug….

Aquarel – Extending the workshop area

2nd May 2013 – One of the many plans is to create a big workshop for myself. I’ve cut a hole in the wall between the master bedroom and the storage room. I can now walk around the boat without having to go outside. Since they are talking about rain next week, I believe this is a good move.

Aquarel – She is mine!

1st May 2013 – The owner gave me they keys of the Aquarel. She is mine!. From a great happy feeling of now owning the boat, it quickly turns into a more realistic feeling: how and where to start.

She is converted, but the conversion is not what I need. Even if I would like to have a second houseboat, she is not converted to any standard. Barely any insulation, a lot of lost space, wrong materials used, humidity problems, etc..