Month: October 2016

‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ sold!

20th October 2016 – I gave the lemmeraak ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ a new life. If I didn’t rebuilt her, she was likely to be scrapped. I did most of the outside work and had just started insulating the hold.

I hope the new owner has the talent and know-how to finish this project. I wish him luck with the ship.

Aquarel – Outside painting

15th October 2016 – With some more time again in mind and one ship less, I can now concentrate on the Aquarel. When I arrived, I noticed a pusher was moored alongside. With the two other ships having windows in their hull, he couldn’t do anything, but putting her alongside my ship.

I started by painting the front shield and the first two entrance hatches. It took me a few hours and it quickly came dark. But at least something changed again on the ship!

From Emden to Bruges

4th October till 9th October 2016 – I went to Emden (Germany) to pick up a Luxe Motor from an English friend. We brought it to Bruges. With some smaller issues on the engine, it took us a bit longer then expected. Again a nice journey, just like last month!


2nd October 2016 – In the afternoon I went to Astene to the old Sashuis. This is small bar in old house, that used be the house of person responsible for the lock. It contains a very small museum. Nice to see if you are in the area.


1st October 2016 – I drove through the country to collect to miniatures of ships. One is a British fuel tanker and the other one a British steam tug. Both of them will be visible at the museum space aboard the Aquarel.

There was a great party in the evening in Beernem with some boat friends. A perfect way to close the evening!