2nd June 2020 – I started early in the morning welding the windows frames. All four of them were mounted and partly welded by the late afternoon. I am welding on solar panels and batteries. This has a negative influence on the start of the weld process. Anti stitch doesn’t work that good.  Secondly I ran out of welding rots.

There was still the plan of moving the ship to Bruges. It was now alongside Tordino, but commercial barges had issues of taking a mooring. I want to keep them as friends, so it was time to say goodbye and leave. I had no friends who could join, so I just went by myself to Bruges. Everything went fine till I got to the pedestrian bridge at Steenbrugge. I couldn’t fit under that bridge with the mast sticking out. I had to run several times to the front to lower the mast, return to the wheelhouse to adjust the steering. Knowing I had no deck to walk on, people were watching, but it didn’t go wrong!

At the lock, the bridge was broken, so I moored alongside Rio Claro, in the lock my ropes were to short but again, I made it safely. Next bridge: also broken, since I had no ropes left, I floated for one hour and made it safely after four hours to the mooring alongside the Watergeus.