21st September 2020 – First of all, I was tired from work. It is killing me the way it runs at the moment. I was glad to be home and to do something where you see progress, where I can make my own decisions and be responsible if it goes wrong…

I am  nearly out of wood, new wood was ordered on Saturday, so I started moving the ballast from the Watergeus to the Stern. Eight cans of each 30 kg. It makes a slight difference. I went up by 2 cm at the back. The front lowered around 3 cm. 

The joint of the ceiling from the living room and the wheelhouse was left open in case there would be a fire while welding the wheelhouse.  Now I finished it and build a wooden frame to make it stronger. I used my remaining filler to close the little holes from the nails.

Late in the evening, I made the holes bigger for draining the water from the roof. They are talking about rain on Wednesday.