Month: September 2020 - page 2

Stern – Mounting the fusebox

15th September 2020 – I have some spare fuses left at Tordino. Went to pick them up before heading back to the Stern. I mounted the fusebox but that’s where it stopped. I did some research on where to put the antennas on deck and I continued looking for windows. It is so hard to find cheap second hand windows…

Stern – Cleaning up

14th September 2020 – Today several small jobs were done like mounting an outside socket for the shore power, installing a temporary door, building the wooden frame for the wheelhouse and a lot of cleaning. I found it so important to start cleaning the inside of the wheelhouse.

I want to avoid that dust is coming into the engine room compartment. And yes the engine was still running after all we did the last week. I cleaned the mooring, removing Tomorrow back to work. I’m tired but it was a good holiday, doing a lot of work in a short period.

Stern – Painting the wheelhouse and welding small bits and pieces

12th September 2020 -I started by drilling wholes in the ribs and mounting wood. I want the wheelhouse to be more solid before I continue welding.

Some welding had to be done like small forgotten parts, ribs and a whole in the ceiling. Once this was done, the wheelhouse was painted in primer. Looks better for the neighbourhood. Some people were already looking strange at my project and some other neighbours complaining of giving critics.

Not that I bother to much, but I don’t want to provoke….

Stress for the crossing

12th September 2020 – I picked up two friends who have their barge in Nieuwpoort. They will be towed to Ramsgate tomorrow. I am always nervous when moving one of my bigger ships, but they were nervous as well. No matter how I tried to calm down the situation, there was a continuous doubt. We had a good meal and a drink and when I left I was pretty sure they would make it with no major issues.

Stern – Moving the ship

6th September 2020 – I started late today, had a good sleep first. The toilet is the next room I want to work on. I changed the support for the toilet and continued with t&g.

In the afternoon, we moved the Stern behind the Watergeus for welding. A lot needs to be done, so it was easier moving her behind me where the mooring is free at the moment.  I had no time of taking pictures since we were with three and all needed both our hands.