Month: August 2021 - page 2

Stern – Table and details

18th August 2021 – I wasn’t feeling great, maybe a little to much stress to finish the Stern, while it is actually a hobby boat, I don’t know…

Anyway, I built a table, did some small additions on the inside and continued with the sanding of the door. I will give it up at some point. the varnish is so hard…



Stern – Planning and sanding down the bedroom door

16th August 2021 – In between the rain I continued sanding down the living-bedroom door. When it was raining, I started making a planning. I have no storage in Oudenburg and I need to drive around with my tools to gain some space…

I ordered the lights for the bedroom and living room.  I also bought a fridge so I can start building a table in the living room. The table will be built around the fridge. This means, only two people can sit on the table, but  at least I can have a big enough fridge.  On the other hand, the living room is not that big anyway.

The last item I bought was a VHF. I now use a portable one, but I always take it with me. So I need a fixed one. This one will stay aboard.


Stern – A journey on the canal…

15th August 2021 – What started as a boring day sanding down a door, ended in a great moment of pleasure where I just decided to start the engine of the Stern, undo the ropes and started sailing. I picked up a neighbour underway and we made a trip to Stalhille and back to Plassendale. 

Stern – Namesign

14th August 2021 – While Tordino was open, I mounted the namesign on the Stern and fitted the door at the back of the wheelhouse. That last one will need some adjustment.

Stern – Welding aboard and cleaning

13rd August 2021 – A lovely day and I had to catch up with yesterday… I finished welding the frame for the hatch, made a kind of a hole so I have access to the battery. The winch is welded on deck and the anchor is safely attached to 8 meters of cable. Lifting the anchor will take some time, but I have no intention to use it in the near future.

I removed some of the rust and gave it a first coat of primer and finish. I patched up some paintwork in the bedroom and the day was gone….

Baron – It started with a coffee

12th August 2021 – It started early in the morning when the owner asked me to have a cup of coffee. When she entered the ship, the floor was wet. The bilges were filled with water and at some floor parts, water was coming over it. Something seriously was wrong. We quickly figured out the toilet was the cause. Once it was solved, there was no other option then to empty the bilges. First with a bucket and then later with a hoover.

The engine started and we left for Nieuwpoort. My plan was to join in the lock, jump off and start working on the Stern. Plans changed and I joined for the whole journey. It was just great! A nice sun, calm weather and a good crew. In Nieuwpoort, we had some rain, but it didn’t stop us from making a tour in the harbour, moving between the expensive sailing boats and people wearing uniforms they don’t know what they stand for. Everybody was watching at us, thinking we were the lower class who just bought a sailing boat with no knowledge…

In the late afternoon, Baron was drydocked and restore can now start!

Stern – Tiles, sanding and varnish

10th August 2021 – My holiday (three days) has started. Last working day until Monday.  A beer with the friends of the Baron, sanding down the last bit of the skylight, putting a coat of varnish on the sanded doors and steps. The evening was quickly filled. I also glued new tiles on the wall and did the surface of the kitchen.


Stad Rotterdam – Moving to Oudenburg

8th August 2021 – The owner wanted to move her ship to have a few days off. I took the opportunity to move the little dinghy alongside. While we had some wind issues in the beginning because of a broken bridge, the rest of  the journey was great.  Just before arriving in Plassendale, I detached the little boat, jumped on it and made it to the side!

Stern – Oiling the steps

7th August 2021 –  After rowing for two hours, walking back to the car and coming home, I started sanding the steps a little more. I put a good coat of oil on them and ten minutes later it started raining…

Rowing with a dinghy to the Watergeus

7th August 2021 – To gain some time tomorrow, and not to have to pass the lock tomorrow, I asked the lock if I could move my ship by hand. Then I rowed it to my houseboat. It took me much longer then expected. Water and wind were an enemy while in Oudenburg, I had a feeling it would have helped me. The boat is now alongside my houseboat.