Month: June 2022 - page 2

Stern – Electricity and drilling a hole in the wheelhouse

14th June 2022 – I adjusted some t&g so the the doors of the cupboard in the kitchen can open again. I measured the size of the battery to check if the new battery will fit.  While doing so, I discovered several lose wires. They are now taped against the wood, instead of just being loose against the metal hull…

I drilled a hole in the roof of the wheelhouse so I can pass through the cables for the solar panel, GPS and extra VHF antenna. 

Stern – Loading tools aboard

11th June 2022 – To warm to work today, still having trouble with my hay fever, I have to be careful what I do.  Sanding machine, hover, compressor with nail gun and a saw were loaded aboard.  Maybe next week, if time and weather are fine, I can finish the cupboards of the kitchen. 

The cupboard of the kitchen contains plumbing, electricity and wood work. But once it is done, I will win a lot of space in the wheelhouse.

Stern – Getting things ready

9th June 2022 – After several months, nearly half a year, I finally managed to get some time to work on the Stern. I hadn’t been aboard since February and was nicely surprised to see dry bilges, no humidity or mold. 

I did some outside cleaning and had a look at the wheelhouse. A lot needs to be done, but where to start. Well I mounted the AIS system.

Tordino – Scanning an archive

8th June 2022 – The old skipper of Tordino borrowed us his archive.  I scanned it during the evening, so I have a proper copy for using in the museum. Still surprised to see new pictures from the ship and how beautiful she was between 1978 and 2010. 

Tordino – Passenger boats

6th June 2022 – The third day of inputting scanned cards and information on paddle steamers, ferries and other passenger related boats.  I will be happy once this part is done and that I can start working on other subjects and projects aboard Tordino!

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