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Watergeus – Mast

12th December 2009 – Last weekend I decided to make some changes to my mast. The few remaining ropes were rotten and flags were all gone. I bought around 100 meter of steel cable, all different sizes and types. It took me around a day to finish the whole project, but the result looks good.

In the afternoon, one of the last remaining jobs was done in the living room. Double glass was mounted in the skylight to prevent condensation and losing the heat.

Watergeus – Front cabin

1st December 2009 – As planned a long time ago, the front cabin will become a spare bedroom. It will be built like the back accommodation, traditional looking and vanished.

Since I’m living in the hold I used this area to store everything I no longer needed. It took me three hours to clean the area, sort out my tools, put the nails together, screws, etc… I also realized how many screw drivers I have found back!

I still have no Internet, so I don’t know when another update might be uploaded.

Watergeus – Bad weather

21st-30th November 2009 – I can’t remember a week like the one we just had. Very windy and a lot of rain, a lot! I had no Internet connection so I didn’t write an updates. Also I didn’t do much since I wanted to enjoy the converted hold.

People cut the ropes of one of the barges on Sunday morning. With the bad weather it took the fire brigade some time to get the boat back to her mooring.

For the last couple of days I have been hanging on my ropes, making a small list. Other moments I wasn’t able to get decently aboard. I hop the weather will be stable again. It is hard to invite people aboard in this situation.

Arma – Arriving in Bruges

14th November 2009 – The Arma had arrived yesterday. She has been converted but is still unfinished, like many boating projects. I helped closing a hole in the den so rain will not come in that easily. The windows were not delivered in time, so they left the yard half finished….

Watergeus – Living room

2nd November 2009 – Since some small works still needs doing, a lot of my tools were hanging around in the kitchen and living room. I had enough of them, it made it look like a small shipyard workshop again. I removed them and now my living room and kitchen are looking better.

Watergeus – Nearly there..

24th October 2009 – The bathroom received it’s third and final coat of paint. The sink was connected to the pump in the kitchen. I mounted the furniture for the bathroom and by the end of the evening, I painted the kitchen floor. A few more days and the hold is done!

Visiting a ship – helping with advice

19th October 2009 – Friends asked me to visit a ship wit them and give my opinion. It is always hard to give an opinion so I try to do this as minimum as possible.

The positive side on this is that I meet new people and visit new ships. On this ship I found an East German or Russian engine. It was very similar to an American GM, but I had never seen it before.

Watergeus – Bathroom, deck

18th October 2009 – In the kitchen a few more details needed painting. The bathroom received it first coat of paint. Since my deck is having a lot of rust, the worst places have been oiled to prevent getting it worse. It is now the second day I’m sleeping in the hold instead of the back accommodation. A big change!

In the afternoon I visited a neighbour. The previous owners of the ship had come over for some explanation of the ship and the engine. Great people with a lot of ship knowledge.