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Watergeus – Scrapyard

4th October 2008 – The floor of the living room was finished. Some shelves on the bottom of the library had to be made, so we did this as well.

In the morning, my neighbour and I went to the scrapyard with pieces of our ship, 280kg’s of metal, 2kg copper and 11kg aluminum! If I would have cleaned out my engine room and fore peak, it would have been doubled, but neither did I have the time or interest to clean them out…

Watergeus – Finishing the office space

3th October 2008 – Today, the whole day was spent finishing the office space.

At the end of the evening we started laying down the floor in the sleeping roof and building an inspection hatch for the bilges.

There was a storm coming, rather unexpected. My big entrance door, over a hundred kilogram, was blown out of its brackets It took me some time to get it back at a certain level that was acceptable. I’ll have to repair it properly at some point, the next spring when there is no wind.

Watergeus – Building the Library

1st October 2008 – In the office space, on the big wall, a library will be built. The other side is used as a desk for my computers. This whole project will be made by a couple of us in multiplex wood. It is strongly built, and we worked over 11 hours continuously. By the end of the evening, it was not finished yet, but it started to look great.

Watergeus – Kitchen

29th September 2008 – We build the kitchen and finished the outside wall of the bathroom, mounting the door and side panels. The hold looks more and more finished. It also becomes harder to walk around with stuff.

Watergeus – Painting and fuses

28th September 2008 – Doing several smaller items. While my mother painted the office space, I worked on the electricity. We mounted the fuses in the fusebox.

My mother painted the office space in light green. It will certainly need another coat of paint tomorrow.

Watergeus – Anti damp foil

27th September 2008 – In the morning, I went shopping for paint and some other ‘finishing touch items’ as you can call them. We then finished the roof in the office space, so my mother could sand the whole room.

In the afternoon, we finished the anti damp cover on the insulation, hiding the remaining pieces of ‘original looking cargo hold’.

Watergeus – Electricity in office space

22nd September 2008 – Today we started placing the electricity. Not as quick as I thought, but by the end of the day we made some progress.

We wasted most time in going to the shop, making holes for the switches and sockets, figuring out how to put the cables behind the walls without removing the panels, etc… In the end we just removed the panels again.

By the end of they day most of the electricity has been finished in the office space.

Watergeus – Old navigation lights

20th September 2008 – Today I went to a second hand market in Ghent. I didn’t find anything suitable or affordable for my ship. In the evening I went looking for some old navigation lights aboard a spits barge. The old skipper sells a lot of stuff. So I left the ship with two bronze navigation lights and two bronze search lights.