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Tordino – Server issues and continuing to build the new expo cupboard

5th November 2022 – I have an issue with one of our servers aboard Tordino. After several years of service, it failed. So I installed a new one, it might take some time to have it ready. In the morning I continued with the cupboard. I received the good news that the model of the ex-Aquarel is nearly finished, so that one will fit on the new display table above the cupboard.

Tordino – Getting plywood

4th November 2022 – I went to get some plywood. It is expensive! In the afternoon I drove to Ikea to get two cheap kitchen cupboards for underneath the display table. They were cheaper then the piece of plywood….

In the evening I mounted the cupboards. Enough for today!

Tordino – Scanning

31st October 2022 – Slowly getting stronger again, I made some time for scanning photos and documents.  At the moment I’m scanning over 300 photos from the  spits barge Sebastien, now moored in Mechelen as a houseboat.

Scrapyard visit

11th October 2022 – I managed to visit the scrapyard in Antwerp through the help of a friend. I ended up with some paperwork and a nice ‘spoelbak’, a metal box to do the dishes outside.

(c) F. Janssens
(c) F. Janssens
(c) F. Janssens

Afterward, we went to his place where he gave me many documents and a nice model of an otter for the museum.