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Watergeus – frozen pipes

14th February 2021 – No matter how hard I tried keeping everything warm, the outlet pipe for the bathroom is frozen. I can’t use the shower or toilet at the moment. It is really cold, dry air and minus 5°C.  I added another electric heather in the technical room. Let’s hope there is no permanent damage.

Tordino – Antother check

9th February 2021 – I did a quick check on Tordino. After a phone call in the wheelhouse I felt asleep for an hour. It was so lovely in the sun behind glass….

The entrance was still in position. I was a bit worried when the ice would melt, that the whole construction could slide down.

Cold weather

8th February 2021 – I just checked my ships today and it wasn’t a bad idea at all to do so. Snow blew into my door of the Stern. On the Watergeus, I had forgotten to switch on the heather but on Tordino everything was fine. I’m not feeling so comfortable with these temperatures. 

Bruges – High water

29th January 2021 – I have never seen the water so high as today. I was glad to be at home so I could keep an eye on both my ships. The Stern nearly ended up on the wooden beam on the side of the canal. Watergeus is much deeper in the water. Since water was raising quickly, there was the chance  that Watergeus could lift up its gangway or gets stuck underneath it. None of this happened! 

Tordino – Wheelhouse….

5th December 2020 – First the good news: the new charger is installed and I have heating again!. This is great. Thanks to my friends for helping me.

There was a small rotten piece under the door of the wheelhouse. While taking it away, I discovered more and more wet wood. So after about ten minutes of work, I just realize I can better rebuild the wheelhouse. There is now a cover over the roof. This will keep dry for a while. In the meantime the old interior will be removed. It is nothing special anyway and it exists of several layers of plywood and Formica. Time to make it look more traditional again. Maybe I’ll use some of the recovered interior from the Jeanne.

Together with my mother, we made some traditional curtains for the windows. The next step is to remove the modern rolling curtains and also replace them with traditional ones.


Tordino – No power again

30th November 2020 – I woke up early and noticed there wasn’t AIS signal again. When I arrived aboard, the charger went in failure. I switched the heather to the mains power, which is not so reliable, but at least, it is working.  Batteries are charging and AIS is on. Heating now works as well, let’s hope, it stays well. 


It reminds me of two years ago when I had to go to the yard. Just at that moment , I had a faulty inverter. Now it is cold again and this is happening. It is nice to have comfort and automatic systems, as long as they work!