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Aquarel – painting the kitchen

11th November 2015 – A day of doing several smaller jobs. The old accommodation got a second coat of oil and the cabinet were painted with a finishing coat of ivory white. The accommodation is nearly finished and ready for decoration and usage. Once the kitchen and bathroom are finished, I will have some comfort aboard. This means I can work a whole weekend without going home. Looking forward to use the microwave and eat some hot food!

I put a floor in the bar, so it looks similar to the kitchen area. A final floor will be done when I’m back from the yard. I prepared inspection hatches, but you will never know… A good quality floor is expensive and it is a reasonable big area to cover.

The hold is a major area to paint. It will take some time. Therefore, every evening I’m aboard, I try to paint an area. My tins of paint are 0.75l and this is just the right amount to paint something. Secondly, by the time I can paint everything, I need to clean the hold a bit more. There is to much rubbish around. I filled my car with wood and mounted the toilet. Gives me some extra space, but not enough.

Aquarel – Mounting brackets for the zwierbomen

4th November 2015 – Sadly enough, the floor was still wet and I can’t walk on it. Therefore I started finishing the bar in the main hold. Doing little corners takes a lot of time. By the time it was dark, most of it was finished, but there was no more time to paint the bar.

Mother helped the whole day removing vanish. During a heavy rain period, I noticed the window that was not covered with duck tape and plastic started leaking heavily. So both windows are now taped with plastic. A solution can be simple (and temporarily)…

In the late afternoon, to do something totally different, I welded the brackets for the zwierbomen. I didn’t have the right pieces to connect the ropes and chains. Another item I couldn’t finish.

Aquarel – Working in the old accommodation

1st November 2015 – My parents came to remove some more vanish from the old accommodation. The cabinet at the the other side is totally rotten. Even the metal is badly corroded and nearly gone. I will dry out this area for a a few weeks before looking for a solution.

I tried finishing the kitchen area as much as possible. Two more walls needed a coat of primer. Once this was done, I painted the floor.

Aquarel – Repairing the kitchen floor

31st October 2015 – The floor in the kitchen area is badly damaged; it was the first part that was built. I had to cut it open at some point when there was water in the bilges. When I built the kitchen and later removed it, the sheets of wood were damaged again. I’ve now cut the good parts nicely and built some inspection hatches with the right brackets, etc… It looks better, walks better and the area is totally clean now. It doesn’t look wrong anymore.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Removing the floor

31st October 2015 – I have a wheelhouse in storage, and was planning on using it for the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’. It is 2.60 meters wide and to large for the lemmeraak. To make sure what is left from the original den on deck, I started removing the floor in the wheelhouse.

Before I can remove the floor, I need to remove the walls. It did take some time, certainly when you have no power tools available. Back to the old fashioned way…

Op Hoop van Zegen – Dutch Kadaster

29th October 2015 – I received a copy of the registration documents from the Dutch Kadaster. There is some basic information on the vessel. Looking a bit further, I discovered she was built in 1916 as a fishing vessel. I even found a picture of her.

In the evening, I cleaned out most of the fuel. There are now some puddles left around in the bilges. I will need some old clothes to clean it out more properly; Sadly enough, the smell does stay in the ship and around it.

I had some time left, so I started emptying the engine room. I need a few drives with my van to empty everything. There is so much rubbish collected, I don’t know what to do. Sadly enough, I didn’t find anything useful yet…

Op Hoop van Zegen – Removing fuel from the bilges

27th October 2015 – Rubber gloves, a small bucket, a funnel, a torch and ten empty fuel cans. This is the equipment that I needed for one evening removing fuel from the bilges. It took me three hours and a few breaks to catch some fresh air. The positive side is I see some more bilges and some less fuel. A friend came to remove the old metal gangway. It was blocking all the windows on one side.

At the end of the evening, the lemmeraak was five cm higher on the water, so I did already remove a lot of rubbish!

Aquarel – Painting

25th October 2015 – Another day spent on painting. This time I did the kitchen area. By the end of the afternoon I was halfway and totally confused and high by the smell of the paint. I had to stop since I became to dizzy. The room is much brighter now and looks bigger. Every moment I have some time now, I will spent it on painting.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Collecting rubbish

25th October 2015 – I came by car to collect all the barrels and buckets with rubbish. I have empty fuel containers on the Aquarel and will pick them up on a later date to clean the bilges. Once the smell will be gone, I hope I can start measuring and drawing plans. Being aboard at the moment is not that nice.

The engine room stayed dry and that’s nice to know. There is an old set of batteries, but they are disconnected. I hope I can reuse them to start the engine. There is an old generator aboard, probably a French engine from a car. No idea whether it will start, since the control panel is missing.

Op Hoop van Zegen – For real

24th October 2015 – Happiness turns into a mixed feeling by entering the ship. I have been aboard several times in the past, but she hadn’t become any better. The fuel tanks had been leaking into the bilges. I can stay in the accommodation for around 10 minutes. I changed locks and started cleaning the inside of the ship. All rubbish went into big barrels and buckets. A close friend came and started laughing. After a while she realised how much work I was having…

It was enough for the day. I took a shower and had a drink.

Aquarel – Leaking windows

18th October 2015 – My parents came to help me. I have my deadline to finish the hold by the end of December, so it only needs painting. Instead of continuing, I now started with the old accommodation at the back of the ship. Today my parents removed the old vanish while I did the second cupboard.

It takes me an average of two days to make something nice out of every cupboard. The wood behind the paneling is rotten or just gone. Last week, I put a bucket under one of the old windows because I felt some humidity. Today the bucket was full of water. So that window is definitely leaking . It took us some time to discover the leak and yes we found it.

I removed all the silicon and paint. The windows is now covered with a bug plastic sail and some tape. It must dry out before I start repairing it. It might also explain why I had water in the bilges underneath the old accommodation…