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Hornblower – Heather

12th November 2011 – In the morning I went to see another boat for somebody. In the afternoon I started working. The first job was making sure the anchor winch would turn again.


Later I worked on the heater, fitting the chimney and fuel pipe to the tank.

In the evening I mainly spent some time in the bathroom.

Visiting a ship in Oosterhout

12th November 2011 – The good thing of visiting several boats a month is you get an idea on how different people convert different vessels on their own way. They ship I visited today was a rebuilt beurtschip like the Frantsis. Her bow was raised like the Hornblower. The price was a little high and there was to much work. It was moored next to ship where there had been an explosion. So all the windows on one side were gone.

In the afternoon I worked on the Hornblower.

Hornblower – Anchor winch

6th November 2011 – Already since I had the ship I was looking for a small anchor winch. On Internet we found two winches for the leeboards of tjalken. They were for sale in Amsterdam. On arrival, I discovered the man was selling heaters. So I did buy one while I was there. It is a nice big Heatpol.

The other winch will go to the Frantsis.

Hornblower – Bathroom

3rd November 2011 – I have a small room that is suitable for the bathroom. I built the first ribs for the inner walls. The shower is 70cm by 70cm, every wall is 8cm thick. I have 54cm left for the toilet. It is just enough, but I wanted some more space. This is often a major problem on these vessels. They are only 3,2m wide!

The most work in the bathroom is the planning and the plumbing. I’m not sure yet when it will be finished, but I doubt if it will be the end of the year!

Registering Hornblower

3rd November 2011 – I went to the Federal Office for the paperwork of the Hornblower. Those people were looking confused when I told them I wanted to register my yacht from 1901. The term ‘Groningse snik’, the type of vessel, was new to them. I showed them a picture and they started laughing.

This made me think we should preserve more of these small ships. The Hornblower is maybe not the perfect example with her new bow, but at least she is part of an old traditional fleet of Dutch built small vessels.

Hornblower – Fuel tank

1st November 2011 – Most of the day I worked on the Watergeus, cleaning the deck. On the Hornblower, I worked out where the fuel tank for the heather should come. I mounted it in the afternoon and welded some brackets.

Hornblower – Miscalculation

23rd October 2011 – The other side of the living room was planned for today. It took me some time to figure out why there was a 20cm difference in the starboard side of the living room. It was only in the late afternoon I discovered the error I made. This means I lost a lot of time.

By the end of the evening, I made some progress.

Hornblower – Big cleanup

22nd October 2011 – I have now owned the boat since April. Ever since, I have always put more stuff on the boat. Things I found or got, tools and pieces from my other ship, I filled it up in less then seven months. The bathroom area was cleaned in the morning, the wheelhouse in the afternoon. The ship is looking much bigger again.

I removed the kitchen unit, which wasn’t working anyway.

Boats passing in Bruges

22nd October 2011 – I have been working all day on the Hornblower. I was surprised to see how many boats passed by, knowing the season is over. One of them was a nice klipperaak from Boezinge. Sadly enough, I was to late to take a picture.

In the evening, their was a small concert of a band on one of the boats. I enjoyed it very much. It is sometimes great to be on a boat without having to work or talk about boats in general. Thanks Anna for the invitation!