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16th April 2015 – It has been in the news and sadly enough I have to confirm it. My friends ship was lost in a fire while moored alongside the Watergeus. This happened last week, the 7th April. Nobody was wounded but the damage is severe. The yacht is lost and was salvaged yesterday. My ship will be repaired in the near future when the insurance is arranged.

A simple diesel heather caused the fire. This can happen to everyone. What saved the Watergeus was the quick response of the neighbours that cooled down my ship with water. One of them used a pump, the other one the street connection. Without their response there would be no Watergeus left!

Regular updates on my blog about the conversion of the Aquarel and my other projects will continue again in May.

Watergeus – Damaged by fire

7th April 2015 – At 6 o’clock in the evening, there was a fire on a yacht next to me. By the time the fire brigade had arrived the yacht was nearly burned out and the heat caused severe damage to parts of my ship, including the study room, several broken windows, smoke damage, etc…

I will not get into detail at this moment. The following pictures should tell you enough.

Aquarel – Electricity

6th April 2015 – A third day of working on the Aquarel is starting to be hard. I wished I had slept a little more… Anyway, work wasn’t waiting and I started. Pulling some more wires through the bathroom and starting to strip the wires for the sockets, switches and connectors.

In the afternoon, I looked how to build the bar. I finished the wall behind the bar and added some more wires.

Aquarel – Working on the engine

4th April 2015 – Working a bit on the engine, dismantling water and fuel fittings. One of the new deadlines is to have the engine running or replaced by the beginning of the summer. The engine room is one of the few areas I left untouched since I own the ship.

In the afternoon, my parents came to help me moving boxes and cables in my workshop. I need to pull wires from the fusebox to the hold, but a lot of stuff stands in the way. There was still an area underneath the front accommodation that was filled by the previous owner. It took us some time to get to it. Anchors, cables, old wooden doors, wooden hatches and some more stuff was stored. Nice things, but most of them useless. It was impressive to see how the ship was built, where the square side of the ship slowly turns into the curved bow. I found back traces from the bow rudder.

After the big cleanup, we started pulling the wires. I ran out of cable, so the perfect excuse to go home and stop working for today.

Aquarel – Painting the bathroom

29th March 2015 – I will have some help next weekend. My parents are coming to paint the bathroom. When I look at the size of the room, 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, it looks small. Once you are in that room and you realize how much should be done…

Aquarel – Zwierbomen

23rd March 2015 – I don’t know the English word for it. In Dutch it is called zwierbomen or zwaaibomen. They are metal bars to the side of the ship. Skippers used them for getting to land where mooring their ship wasn’t an option. These bars had a hinch on the den or the deck over the hold.

I was looking for a set of zwaaibomen for some time, but couldn’t find any. A friend called me a few days ago he fond two sets in an old warehouse. They were cleaning out the building and I could buy them cheaply. It took us some time to get them out. I find my ship is fully packed with stuff, but that warehouse is a through nightmare… Four metal bars each of them 6.5m long, it wasn’t easy to transport them to the Watergeus. They will make it one day to the Aquarel, but not in the near future.

Aquarel – Mounting the bath

22nd March 2015 – My plan for the day: Putting the bath in the bathroom and finishing the walls around it. At the end of the evening, the bath was in place but no walls were build. Leveling a bath wasn’t that easy. Some parts of the bathroom were painted in white, but it still looks like a small area. I have to think on how to give it a bigger look and feel.

Covering an issue doesn’t help. It does not go away. On one of the small leaks I put a sheet of multiplex, so I wouldn’t see it anymore. Every time I looked at it, it distracted me. I had to move this sheet to continue with the second part of the bathroom and there it was again, a puddle of a greenish kind of product. When you look at it, it might be Anti-freeze or fresh oil. Another thing on my list is to clean the engine room. Maybe I discover the cause in the bilges of that area.

Aquarel – Electricity wire

21st March 2015 – Drilling more holes and pulling wires through. This was mainly what I have been doing today. I have two power sockets, two switches and two lights. I was surprised to see how many wires ran though that wall.

I added some more wood and gave it a good coat of paint.

Aquarel – Drilling holes

19th March 2015 – Time to think how to put the electricity. First drilling some holes in the wooden frame. I had to finish the t&g on one side before making the holes for the sockets and switches. All these little things cost a lot of time. The idea of working on electricity gives the project a more finished feeling. It is another step closer to finishing the conversion. I’ll be happy that I have decent sockets instead of the eleven extension cables at the moment.

Aquarel – Rebuilding the bathroom floor

17th March 2015 – I need to find a solution for the floor. This was the idea to start the evenings work on the Aquarel. Once the multiplex was bolted to the frame through the metal sheet, it still made to much noise when you stepped on it. The second issue was I had no decent frame for the inspection hatches. Between a design on paper and reality, there is much difference.

A few hours later, a lot of wood later and tired, but I had a descent floor. Solid, waterproof and good looking. Finishing is for tomorrow. I’ll do the corners with silicon and give the whole wooden construction a good coat of oil based paint.

Aquarel – Issues with he bathroom floor

16th March 2015 – Struggling to build the floor in the bathroom. It doesn’t go as planned. The metal sheet is not solid and with a sheet of multiplex, it barely feels any better. I need to think how to continue with the floor. So I started finishing one side of the wall with t&g. The idea of building a simple bathroom is taking much more time then planned.

Aquarel – Dry bilges today!

15th March 2015 – The bilge was dry so I decided to continue working on the wall between the living room and the bathroom. By the end of the afternoon, the frame was finished and the door mounted. I shot some t&G against the wall but was to tired to continue. A job for tomorrow.