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Aquarel – Engine

10th May 2014 – The engine is probably broken. There is no more compression and I didn’t manage to get her running. I have to come up with another plan. Will be continued….

The last hatch was finished in between periods of rain and dry weather. Most of my metal work is now done.

Aquarel – Removing the old accommodation from my neighbour

4th May 2014 – My neighbour has given me the chance to remove the back accommodation (interior wise) from his ship. It will be redone with current standards and insulation. I can reuse most of it, but it will take me some time to remove it.

It is a dark interior from the fifties. There are some nice elements, but even the total concept is nice in some ways. Happily I have some space aboard my ship since I last cleaned it.

For some reasons I always want to save old pieces like that. They are becoming unique and this one hasn’t been touched. It all stayed pretty much the same since it was built.

Aquarel – Electricity

28th April 2014 – When I built the wall, I forgot to put my gutters for the power cables. I still slide them behind my wall, which I did today. It took some time, but now I can easily run my cables from one side tot the other on my boat.

Aquarel – Sorting out my workspace

21st April 2014 – My wall is ready, my floor is finished and the cupboard is mounted. Exhausted, but happy. I started very early this morning to stick to the plan. At least, my hold is now looking a bit bigger again and I can start sorting out all my boxes. It is nice when you are working in a cleaner environment where you know where everything is stored. Now I’m wasting hours in finding the right stuff.

Aquarel – Floor

20th April 2014 – The last bit of floor, this was the plan for today. I had to remove some more old wood before I could start welding. I noticed the previous owner bolted wood though the ribs of the boat. This was the first of many delays for today.

By the end of the evening, the new supports for the floor were welded and some wooden beams bolted to those frames. I didn’t get as far as planned.

Aquarel – Cleaning bilges

18th April 2014 – I took half a day of  work on my boat. I removed the remaining bit of the old floor in my workspace area. The amount of dirt in the bilges was enormous. The old toilet used to be there and it must have been leaking for years. I haven’t seen that much rust there then on my whole boat.

Aquarel – Continuing on the wall

16th April 2014 – It is nice to see progress, to see a raised wall and to have a feeling of a closed room, one part that is nearing its status of being completed. I spent most of the evening finishing the wall. I want to keep the shape and curve of the vessel. it costs more time, but I like the result.

Aquarel – Planning

14th April 2014 – It is nice to see progress. The problem is that my hold is still filled up with all my stuff from the workshop area. When I put on the roof last month it had to be empty in case there was a fire.

My workshop will be divided into two rooms. One is going to be insulated, the other one remains in bare metal with the original wooden floor from when she was a cargo vessel. The insulated area will be used to store tools and paint, while the other one can be used for cutting and welding metal, sanding down wood, etc…

I build the first part of the wall, mounted an old door from the coffee shop boat and the noticed it was getting dark outside. Time to go home!

Aquarel – Insulation

13th April 2014 – Insulating is one of the most irritating jobs. It has to be done so why complaining? I spent most of the morning insulation the wall around my water tanks and building the framework on the side of the ship. At least one corner of my workshop is getting shape.