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Hornblower – Small jobs

14th July 2012 – The last couple of weeks were horrible for working outside. It is always raining. My father joined me today for carrying some heavier stuff. I put my generator back on the boat. It had been on the Watergeus for going to the yard.

I had some spare stairs in the front accommodation of the Watergeus. They came from an old spits barge. I will need them for the living room of the Hornblower. They are now in position. I still need to shorten the stairs.

The little lifeboat I recovered from that trawler last weekend is now on the roof of the Hornblower.


13th July 2012 – I found an add on the Internet for an empty hull of a Dutch speedboat in polyester. We had a look and I decided to take it. My first plans were to cut open the whole hull and use it as a work boat.

A bit later, I changed my mind. It will become my own speedboat. I just need to find a descent outboard engine.

Visiting a spits barge

12th July 2012 – People asked me I wanted to join them to see a spits barge. It has been extremely rare to see a spits barge in such a good condition. There was no rust, it has a beautiful air started engine, new hatches and a lovely accommodation. I forgot to take pictures from the accommodation, but have a look at the outside and you will know enough!


15th July 2012 – It is nice to see flags on boats. It gives some colour and some live to them. It can also be practical when you wake up and want to see in what direction the wind is blowing. At least I know what direction to cycle!

I’ve decorated both ships with flags. A small job, but it took me two hours! When friends go on holiday, I always ask them to bring a flag of the country they visit.


Visiting a wreck in Nieuwpoort

9th July 2012 – There is an old yacht for sale in Nieuwpoort. I had a quick look. I’m not sure but she might have been a bakdekkruiser like my previous ship Escapde or a admiral sloop. She had been converted and rebuilt over the years. One thing was sure, I didn’t like the ship! I won’t put any complete picture online, since she is still for sale…

Holes, just above the waterline. You see the white insulation through it

Hornblower – Equipment from another ship

8th July 2012 – Yesterday I spent a day removing useful parts from a sailing boat. Two windows from the wheelhouse are just perfect for my wheelhouse! I will order a new one and then I need somebody to help mount them!

The weather is still very bad, a lot of rain. I have a busy week starting from tomorrow. I hope I can do something, progress is becoming slower and I don’t like that!

Collecting stuff

7th July 2012 – Today I was on an old wooden trawler. I don’t like boats being scrapped, but sometimes there is no other solution. When I was there, at least three people told me ‘there was a time of going’. The trawler was once converted into an expensive sailing boat. It had been neglected for years.

I bought a few items from the ship for my own little boat. In the early days I would take anything usefully. By now, I’ve learned to take only what is necessary. I’m running out of storage space…

Hornblower – Welding and exhaust

2nd July 2012 – I see the welding work is coming to an end. I might need to weld a few more hours and then the bulkhead is totally finished, including the metal floor of the wheelhouse! The last big plate of the bulkhead is now in position.

I took the last bit of the exhaust. It is so thin I might as well make a total new one… It became to late to make noise, so I gave up working today!

Hornblower – Some painting

1st July 2012 – There are a lot of things that I need to do in the coming weeks. I’m not sure where to put my priority…

There was one piece of the bow that was still in red paint. I was doubting what colour I should give. This evening I painted it white!