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Hornblower – A quick paint job

23rd October 2012 – I should have taken some pictures before I started painting. Nevertheless, I painted the top of the wheelhouse, around the windows. It was all black or painted with a gray prime. In the last month, the Hornblower didn’t look that great. She was covered in a big sail or she looked dirty. By painting it quickly, I made a big difference.

Hornblower – 200 meters of duct tape

22nd October 2012 – The windows are finished and so is most of the welding aboard the Hornblower. All the covers are gone and she looks like a real ship again. I removed the card board from the windows, including over 200 meter of duck tape.

Pictures will follow when I have time.

Hornblower – Bathroom

19th September 2012 – It took me some time to make a plan for the bedroom. Another room that worried me a lot is the bathroom. I stopped working there a long time ago. Today I made my mind up and started working there. The first bit was finishing the floor, then doing some plumbing. It’s the first time I do it all by myself. I won’t be surprised if some of the fittings are leaking…

A few pictures of how I left the bathroom a couple of months ago…

Hornblower – Cleaning the wheelhouse

16th September 2012 – Next Wednesday my new windows, or at least the first ones will be placed in the wheelhouse. I closed all the holes of the wheelhouse that gave entrance to the engine room.

In the afternoon, I cleaned out the wheelhouse. In a few months time, it became a major storage space. I also painted the floor to protect the wood during the works.