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A bad start….

The year didn’t start well, broken car and a broken heater in the Watergeus. Today I got another van, a smaller one, but I don’t have intentions of doing another boating project in the next three or four years. Maintaining Tordino and Watergeus is already a lot of work! Keeping a museum up and running will also take energy!

My heather was fixed as well in the late afternoon.

I had a chat yesterday evening with a friend living on a boat, a bit further along the quay. He recommended me to stop doing project and to enjoy a bit more of life. Maybe he is right!

Having a drink on a friends ship last night

New Website!

After more then 14 years, it was time to change the layout and structure of this website.

Updates will only be visible on this page.

The old information is about to be moved to this new site in the near future! I’ve now added around 80 posts in half-a-day.  There are over 1500 posts on the old website. It will keep me busy the next couple of evenings…

Moving the Arma

23rd October 2017 – We had to move the Arma. She was moored where a dredging company had to work. The company had a strong pusher and together with the bowtruster of the Arma, we managed to get to the other side. Halfway the manoeuvre, the bow DAF engine died and we had to rely on the pusher.

Bowtruster of the Arma


Arma with the pusher

Recovery mode

18th September 2017 – Found some time again to update the blog. A lot if things are supposed to be happening in the near future, mainly on the Watergeus again. I’m making her ready for the next survey. I would like to get an European Certificate (CVO) for her.

At this moment, I’m still recovering from Sunday 10th where there was a major event aboard Tordino. Nearly 700 people came to my ship in Beernem for an exhibition about the history of the Canal and the Inland waterways.

Stopping in Zaandam

14th August 2017 – While I was in Amsterdam, I stopped in Zaandam to have a quick look on the Aquarel. She was looking good, but a bit squeezed in between two other ships. I was a bit disappointed about the paintwork of the hull. For a sandblasted ship which was coated with epoxy, I found red paint coming through on several locations. Something must have gone wrong during this process.


16th April 2017 – There is a historical shipyard in Vreeswijk. Partly a museum and partly an active yard for historical vessels. Very fascinating. Even nicer is the harbour full of older ships, all maintained as it should be.