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Water-rAnt – Day 1

27th September 2019 – We arrived a little early on the event and decided to build the tent ourselves. It worked and we were the first who were fully active.

It became windy and it started raining a t 5 o’clock. We closed our tent and had a look on the event. The ships arrived and I took some pictures and made some movies.


Sailing to Southampton – Day 3

23rd August 2019 – The night journey went nicely. Around Zeebruges and Ostend we had some big waves, but the ship handled it well.  When we started the crossing to Dover, daylight came and we had a good trip. Not much traffic around us until we arrived near Dover. There were so many ships we had to alter course on several occasions

The next bit was from Dover to Brighton where we sailed near the coast. Since we were over 24 meters we had to follow the big ships in the shipping lane instead of the Inland Traffic Zone. They called us on the radio, so we changed course.  At that point, we had another 15 hours ahead. Becoming tired and hungry, it was a hard bit to full fill.

Sailing to Southampton – Day 2

22nd  August 2019 – The day started in the Police station in Ostend. We delivered the papers and had to wait for another check aboard the ship before they could release us.  Not all paperwork was good, but we were allowed to leave the harbour. It took over an hour to get the second bridge working. On arrival in Bruges, Scheepsdalebrug only opened at 14 o’clock. We lost several hours before arriving at the lock in Evergem around 19 o’clock. Smoke came out of the engine room, so we reduced some speed.

At 21:30 we arrived in Terneuzen, heading for Breskens and then to Dunkirk.

Sailing to Southampton – Day 1

21st August 2019 – We left in Bruges at 6 o’clock in the morning.  Everything went well until we arrived at the lock in Ostend. They didn’t turn the lock and about fifteen minutes later, shipping police arrived to do a check up. The lock keeper didn’t believe we were seaworthy.

The paperwork of the ship was not aboard, so we got detained and had to stay in Ostend. We had no paperwork for the inland waterways and nothing for going to sea. So far  the first day of the crossing. The argument of the Belgian civil servant was to load the barge on a seagoing vessel and unload it in the United Kingdom. Even the Police found it ridiculous, but never the less we were stuck in Ostend.

The wife of the owner drove to Rotterdam to the correct paperwork for the inland waterways. Let’s hope  that they release the ship tomorrow.

Looking for a yacht

29th June 2019 – For some time, I have been looking for a yacht. I’m not difficult in what I want. It must look old fashioned, made in metal and it needs an interior that is useful. The budget is very limited. I have two ships in mind.

One is a motorschouw with a broken engine, but a finished interior. The other one is supposed to have a running engine, but no interior.

Today I went to see both of them. The first one was in Raamdonksveer. On arrivial, I noticed it was a riveted ship, but with some rotten parts on deck. Underneath the bollards was fibreglass, and some silicone in the deck to avoid water coming through. The engine is indeed broken, but the ship seems fine. The cap on the back deck needs replacing. It was a warm and dry day, so was the ship. I couldn’t find any other issues of leaks. But there will be something else wrong for that price…

The second ship was much bigger, it was a Ten Broeke kruiser with a massive Mercedes Engine. I was not convinced how the engine ran, never mind the rest of the ship. Metal work was good, but most of the windows needed replacing. The interior was rotten and the smell unacceptable.


Once back at home, I knew which one I wanted, but not at their asking price….