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No pictures

21st May 2014 – I’m just to lazy to charge the batteries of my camera, so there are no pictures for the moment…. It is a busy period, working on three boats in my spare time. I have started converting the front of the Watergeus, preparing the Aquarel for mounting the windows and removing the back accommodation on a spits barge.

Is it all worth it?

21st December 2013 – Sometimes I do wonder if people know how much work we spend on converting our boats. People buy a boat, start to repair and convert it. During the journey there is a point when you think, is she worth it. Is it worth th effort to spent any more money or energy to the boat. Shouldn’t I just buy another one and send this one to the scrapyard…

Well I had my breaking point the last couple of days. The more I’m working on the Aquarel, the more unpleasant surprises I’m finding…


28th September 2013 – Time to go around with my camera again. So many ships ends up at the scrapyard, so many nautical heritage get broken down…. At least I want to save some memories by taking pictures…


22nd September 2013 – We had our harbour days today. In Zeebruges, Ghent and Antwerp you could visit some vessels and company buildings related to the harbour. I decided to go to Antwerp. There were some historical vessels to visit.