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4th January 2015 – Taking pictures for future generations is important. A lot of ships go to the scrapyard or are getting converted to a floating object, you will never recognize their origin. I went to Furnes to take some pictures. A blue sky, not to cold and dry. The perfect weather for a relaxing afternoon!

Small update

21st December 2014 – As usual, it is busy and my body isn’t recovering from a cold as it should be. I wonder why…

Progress is slow on the Aquarel, I’ve done some more insulation, cleaning up, T&g and I mounted the chimney piece for the diesel heather in the hold.

Website update

26th October 2014 – I’m updating the site again, adding more text and pictures. At the other hand, it is very busy on the Aquarel? I made myself a deadline for the ceiling to be finished before the end of November. I’m in no hurry with this project, but it starts to take to much time….

Shipyard closed!

24th October 2014 – It is all in the press at the moment. The yard in Rupelmonde has closed. They went bankrupt. It was one of the last good yards where you could dry dock your boat in Belgium. I was there a few days ago to take some pictures and now it’s over…

No updates…

21st October 2014 – So, one month passed away and only one update…. I broke my foot last month and therefore I was unable to drive, work or do anything else boat related… Another month passed and no updates either. Why? it has been busy around me. One advice I always give to people is to continue working and not to abandon your project.

Julie at the yard

6th July 2014 – It had been a while since I had a look at the shipyard in Rupelmonde. One of my neighbours is dry-docked at the moment. The perfect excuse to have a look. While I was there, I drove around in the area and found an old klipperaak, similar to the Aquarel.

A break

24th June 2014 – There was no update for some time. I didn’t buy another boat. I just had a brief holiday and spent time with friends. I have been working on boats for a long period and I realize more then ever that there is more in life then converting boats and keeping my website up-to-date.

No pictures

21st May 2014 – I’m just to lazy to charge the batteries of my camera, so there are no pictures for the moment…. It is a busy period, working on three boats in my spare time. I have started converting the front of the Watergeus, preparing the Aquarel for mounting the windows and removing the back accommodation on a spits barge.