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28th September 2013 – Time to go around with my camera again. So many ships ends up at the scrapyard, so many nautical heritage get broken down…. At least I want to save some memories by taking pictures…


22nd September 2013 – We had our harbour days today. In Zeebruges, Ghent and Antwerp you could visit some vessels and company buildings related to the harbour. I decided to go to Antwerp. There were some historical vessels to visit.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

22nd May 2013 – It has been a very busy month so far. I have been at the yard helping out some friends with their boat. Meanwhile I’m working on a new project as well. I need a little workshop to store my tools and therefore I decided to sell the Hornblower.

My plans for cruising around have to make place for new ideas. What else did Eleanor Roosevelt mean with ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’?

Wondering around….

7th April 2013 – Sometimes, I would forget I still have a boat with lots of work. The weather was nice, so I finished most of the paintwork (primer) aboard the Hornblower. The wheelhouse is starting to look tidy as well. A few more weeks and she is ready 😉

Driving around in Zelzate

3rd April 2013 – While I was in Ghent for an IT course, I decided to see what vessels were dry docked in Zelzate. When I arrived, I met an old friend who lived his dream and bought a brand new Luxe Motor. It is a replica, you know it because there are no rivets. Beside that, you wouldn’t see it at all. It is fantastic little ship. I could live on it straight away!

I left after a few drinks and forgot to take some pictures of his ship…