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Boats passing in Bruges

22nd October 2011 – I have been working all day on the Hornblower. I was surprised to see how many boats passed by, knowing the season is over. One of them was a nice klipperaak from Boezinge. Sadly enough, I was to late to take a picture.

In the evening, their was a small concert of a band on one of the boats. I enjoyed it very much. It is sometimes great to be on a boat without having to work or talk about boats in general. Thanks Anna for the invitation!

Visiting a boat in Sluiskil

11th October 2011 – Another visit of a barge was planned for this evening. I knew the boat, since it has been moored in Sluiskil for three years. My best friend lived on it, after he had done the conversion. This ship was built as the Java in 1928. She was used as a tender to bring crew to the larger passenger vessels in the big harbours.

Visiting a boat in Tilburg

9th October 2011 – I often join people to have a look at a ship. Today I went to Tilburg (Netherlands) to visit a Friese Praam of 14 meters. It was the first time I was in that area and found some very nice vessels.

The vessel itself seemed very nice and in a good condition. I was surprised to see how much space was created on such a small surface. Friendly people, a beer and a good chat.

While being in the area, I took some pictures of vessels, like this beautiful tug:


Towing, meeting and driving around

22nd April 2011 – Yesterday evening, a good friend of mine called. They had towed his old tug to a new mooring in Ghent. In front of the Evergem lock, he was stuck in the mud. The towing company left him on his own. With a small yacht we tried getting him out. It took three hours, but he was freed and brought to the mooring.

In the afternoon, I had a meeting with the local Government concerning the houseboats and their mooring. The evening was divided in driving around to find a tug for my new boat, the Hornblower, and a meeting with our members.

Hallingdal in Ostend

13th April 2011 – No matter what planning I’m making, it is always ending up the wrong way. I had to do some more painting on the back accommodation of the Watergeus. A friend of mine, which I once helped before I had the Watergeus, just came back from dry dock in Ostend. I drove there to say hello…

London part II

4th April 2011 – I went for a walk on the beach in Brentford. taking pictures between the barges, walking around at the old shipyard, etc… After having a chat on nearly every boat, we went back to Belgium in the late evening and arriving the next morning at three O’clock.


3rd April 2011 – In December last year, I had no time to make a small trip to my friends in London. I went on a quick journey to London, leaving today in the early morning and coming back Tuesday morning.

For the first time, I went a bit further then Brentford, making a nice walk along the Grand Union Canal. After about walking for twenty minutes, you could hardly imagine being in one of the world busiest city.

In the afternoon, I met a few people living on a barge. I had a nice chat with them.

Shopping & Ghent

15th January 2011 – In the morning I went shopping, buying wallpaper and tiles to finish the back accommodation of the watergeus. In the afternoon I went to Ghent to visit some boat friends.

More important today is the article published in the newspaper De Standaard. A two page large article on my barge and myself.