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Dutch Barge Consultancy

9th October 2010 – Many people asks me for information. Wherever possible I always tried helping them. Since these questions and barge visits are taking a lot of my time, I’ve just started doing this as a semi-professional job.

Please have a look at my site (under construction).

Watergeus – Painting front accommodation, wood delivery and a last goodby to the Ross Leopard

4th October 2010 – In the early morning I went to the Ross Leopard to take some pictures of her being towed away. The tug never showed up and I felt asleep in the wheelhouse. Half of the morning was gone…

While I was waiting for the wood to be delivered, I painted the front accommodation. When this was done and the wood aboard the Watergeus, I finished the second entrance to the boat.

Visiting the Bonne Chance in Antwerp

1st August 2010 – Once in a while; people ask me to join them to visit a barge they are interested in. Today I went to Antwerp to visit a spits barge. I was amazed to find such a traditional looking barge with so many original fittings. Whether the sale will go through, I don’t know but at least I had a great day and have seen some nice barges!

Another ship, part II

12th May 2010 – A few weeks ago, a friend, one of my neighbours, came to talk about buying a boat together. We talked for hours, had a beer and then all went home. A few days later we started mailing boats we found on the Internet.

Today we went to have a look at a barge, a small Beurtschip. The same shape of hull as the Watergeus but with a small wheelhouse, no accommodation and most likely, she was used as a tanker.

The ship was on land at a yard in Zwartsluis. Zwartsluis has many yards, on one of them the Watergeus was lengthened in 1962. After driving for over 4 hours, we arrived. At first sight, she was looking good. There was not much known on the barge. The engine was there, but condition unknown. The hold was filled with a lot of stuff and there were as a lot of work on the hull. At the other side, the size was good and the bottom of the ship as well. She had been doubled.

Since we were now having a lot of questions, we made no decisions  and returned to Bruges. We shall see the next coming days what the future brings…

A second boat?

7th April 2010 – I visited another barge with some potential for the future. It is more of wreck then a barge. At the other hand it is a historical vessel and certainly not in a better condition then the Watergeus once was.

At this moment there are a lot of barges for sale in Belgium. There are a few reasons why:

  • Regulations have changed and are changing constantly
  • Every ship needs to have a hull survey (every five year)
  • Most ships for sale are expensive to buy and no bank will lent you the money
  • There are not many free moorings available at this time.

Therefore I’m still doubting whether I will take such a project or not. Buying the barge may be cheap, converting it will cost me a fortune.

Visiting a ship – helping with advice

19th October 2009 – Friends asked me to visit a ship wit them and give my opinion. It is always hard to give an opinion so I try to do this as minimum as possible.

The positive side on this is that I meet new people and visit new ships. On this ship I found an East German or Russian engine. It was very similar to an American GM, but I had never seen it before.