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A nice evening

15th June 2020 – Believing you are free, having a drink with the neighbours, people from other boats joining, watching the sun go down and forgetting how much work you still have on your own ship: this is what I call a nice evening…

Visiting a barge for a friend

17th May 2020 – I drove to Ghent to visit a barge of a friend for a friend. A nice combination and I hope she will buy it. It is a fair price for a good houseboat.

The interior is slightly outdated, but that is just where the barge is giving it charms. The outside is very well maintained and you can live in it for the next coupe of years without having to do major upgrades.


It had been a while since I was in that part of Ghent so I took some pictures of the boats in the area.

Welding in Oudenburg

29th March 2020 – The son of a close friend bought a small ship at the yard. His plan is to travel to Amsterdam and back with it.  There were a few issues like a leak and they wanted a hatch in the front part of the ship.

I started with the hatch, made a frame and welded it. I had to stop welding because of the wind.  It was a storm. I’m heavy, but could no longer stand stable to weld…



At the yard

15th December 2019 – At five o’clock in the morning, they lowered the ship in the water. There was a lot of wind, but everything went well until we were halfway between the slipway and the pontoon of the yard. The beunkoeler (cooling unit of the engine and part of the hull of the ship). Sadly enough there was no more time left to dry-dock the ship again. The tide was getting out, so we had to wait until the evening to pull us back in.

During the day, we kept the pump going. There was nothing else to do. I took some pictures at the yard to keep myself busy….

In the evening we dry-docked the ship with assistance of a tug from the yard. Repairs will be for another day.



A quick visit to the yard

10th December 2019 – I quickly went to see the Fabuleux Destin at the yard. I was to late to see the yard people working. I don’t know what it exaclty is with this yard, but it is one I like coming to.  I have been there so many times….

It was to dark to take any decent pictures….