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Living by the water – More then just boats

8th August 2021 – Since I’m still new in Oudenburg I made a nice walk with a neighbour, something I do every few evenings. She lives by the water and I live on the water. Two different worlds, but both of them are just the same in many ways. Where I used to watch the boats and the people on the water, I now start looking more at the environment, trees, open fields, birds, …. Living on a canal is more then just boats!

Stad Rotterdam – Moving to Oudenburg

8th August 2021 – The owner wanted to move her ship to have a few days off. I took the opportunity to move the little dinghy alongside. While we had some wind issues in the beginning because of a broken bridge, the rest of  the journey was great.  Just before arriving in Plassendale, I detached the little boat, jumped on it and made it to the side!

Rowing with a dinghy to the Watergeus

7th August 2021 – To gain some time tomorrow, and not to have to pass the lock tomorrow, I asked the lock if I could move my ship by hand. Then I rowed it to my houseboat. It took me much longer then expected. Water and wind were an enemy while in Oudenburg, I had a feeling it would have helped me. The boat is now alongside my houseboat.


A day in Antwerp

13th June 2021 – I went to see a little Dutch ship in Antwerp. It is a flat bottom sailing boat from around 7 meters. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure if it is worth the effort. It certainly looks traditional, but it hasn’t been maintained for years. I’m also worried about the logistic nightmare for bringing her over to Bruges, since I need to sail over the Schelde. The other issue is I’m still in negotiation about the sailing ship Baron…


The repairs aboard the Maxx – A journey to Ghent

20th April 2021 – The owner wanted me to move the ship to Ghent. I asked a friend to join so I was sure I had somebody reliable on the front deck. When we left, I nearly hit the lock but could quickly turn around. The ship  was so hard to steer and it didn’t listen at all. If you went to slowly it didn’t listen at all. Thankfully it had a reliable bowthruster that helped me a lot. We were not even out of Bruges of the engine was more or less a steam engine and in Beernem the engine stopped working. It started again and slowly we continued the journey but had to abandon the trip at the marina in Beernem. We are halfway….

My battery of the phone died in between, so I could only take a few pictures from the beginning of the journey…