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No news

1st February 2010 – For those who follow the conversion of the Watergeus, not much is happening at the moment. I have many plans and will start working soon again! I’m looking for pieces at the moment. Once I have everything I need, updates will follow quickly again!

In the meantime I’m still working on my book for (new) barge owners.

New Years Eve!

1st January 2010 – Last night the neighbours of the vessels and those living in the street came together to have a drink on the New Year.

With little to no sleep I had to fix a heather problem on another ship in Bruges. It took me more then an hour, since I didn’t knew the system. After a while it was working, so I could return home.

This year, I want to finish the front area on the ship and the deck. A very big job that will involve a lot of work, including welding, cutting, woodwork, etc… But the first job that needed to be done was cleaning. I resumed cleaning the front cabin, a job I had to stop last year.

My chimney was extended with half a meter extra. A small cable is attached to in case the wind blows it off it can be recovered. A better solution was to put two cables so the wind can’t take it off. This was also done today.

Visiting a ship – helping with advice

19th October 2009 – Friends asked me to visit a ship wit them and give my opinion. It is always hard to give an opinion so I try to do this as minimum as possible.

The positive side on this is that I meet new people and visit new ships. On this ship I found an East German or Russian engine. It was very similar to an American GM, but I had never seen it before.


21st-28th August 2009 – Not many updates, since I have been on holiday. I did visit the event Delfsail 2009, the area where my ship was build, several nautical musea, etc… More pictures and information will follow, but at this time I’m very busy.