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Sailing courses

1st April – 3th April 2009 – Three days I spent in Zierikzee to follow a ‘maten’ course. This course is the basic information you need to work on a charter ship in the Netherlands.

It were three very intensive but also fascinating days. You learn a lot in three days.

Bow rudder of the Julie

27th February 2009 – In the morning I removed the bow rudder from the Julie. It took some time before I completely understood the system. It was actually not more then just undoing some bolts and using a hammer to remove the rust. The last piece, the rudder itself had to be cut.

In the early afternoon the bow rudder was gone, so I had time to remove rust from the side. A very intensive job, but a good one for the ship!

Wendy Ann II

More then three years ago, a young couple bought an old rusty tug, the Wendy Ann II. They nicely restored the ship, repairing the hull, cleaning the ship and building a brand new traditional looking wheelhouse. She was successfully launched today and is floating again!

I have worked on many projects, but what they have realized in three years is just amazing. My deep respect to Becky and Seb!

With the Julie to the yard

30th January 2009 – Today we sailed the Julie to a shipyard in Zelzate. In the morning I had to ran a few times from my ship to the Julie bad back. You start realizing the distance of the dock after a while…

We left at 08:20 and arrived at 16:00 in Zelzate. We had no problems and were able to pass every bridge and lock with no waiting at all! A beautiful trip on a nice but cold day! We broke the ice on the canal and lost a part of the rudder. We had no other issues.

Working on the Julie

12th – 13th – 14th – 15th January 2009 – Mainly watched some people working on the gearbox of the sleepspits Julie. The next days I helped a little on their cooling system. When helping on such a project, you realize how little you know about ship engines. I learned more in those four days then I learned at school…