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A trip with the Titine

21st August 2015 – What is more relaxing then sitting on the front deck of a traditional french spits barge while it is cruising on the canals? Sunny weather, no wind and the engine running smoothly…

I decided to make a movie of the skipper and the whole journey. I mounted around ten camera’s on the ship.

Just back from London

31st May 2015 – I have been in London for two days. Saw some friends, had a BBQ on a boat with musicians, artists and actors. It was great!

What have I been doing the last month. I worked a lot, mostly on the Aquarel and the Watergeus. I didn’t had any time so far to make updates to my blog. I will try to do this the next couple of days!


16th April 2015 – It has been in the news and sadly enough I have to confirm it. My friends ship was lost in a fire while moored alongside the Watergeus. This happened last week, the 7th April. Nobody was wounded but the damage is severe. The yacht is lost and was salvaged yesterday. My ship will be repaired in the near future when the insurance is arranged.

A simple diesel heather caused the fire. This can happen to everyone. What saved the Watergeus was the quick response of the neighbours that cooled down my ship with water. One of them used a pump, the other one the street connection. Without their response there would be no Watergeus left!

Regular updates on my blog about the conversion of the Aquarel and my other projects will continue again in May.

A new project?

2nd March 2015 – With the idea of buying another bakdekkruiser, I decided to write down the conversion on the Escapade and where it failed for me. It will be published the next couple of days. In the meantime I abandoned the project since the ship I visited last week is to far gone. Sad, but it is wiser to put my money in the finishing of the Aquarel.


Koop een boot – werk je dood

16th February 2015 – There was now a period where I nearly worked every evening. It is nice to see how much progress you can make. With a finished ceiling, the walls nearly done and more or less a clean hold, it feels great. I don’t want make a list of what has to be done, but I’m starting to feel I have control again on the project.


4th January 2015 – Taking pictures for future generations is important. A lot of ships go to the scrapyard or are getting converted to a floating object, you will never recognize their origin. I went to Furnes to take some pictures. A blue sky, not to cold and dry. The perfect weather for a relaxing afternoon!

Small update

21st December 2014 – As usual, it is busy and my body isn’t recovering from a cold as it should be. I wonder why…

Progress is slow on the Aquarel, I’ve done some more insulation, cleaning up, T&g and I mounted the chimney piece for the diesel heather in the hold.