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Vlet Djoey – From Oudenburg to Nieuwpoort and back

18th July 2020 – My friend called if I wanted to join for a small trip  to Nieuwpoort and back. Friends have a tjalk that is waiting for the crossing to the UK. We sailed to Nieuwpoort, but started rather late on the journey.  It was a beautiful trip. On the way back we stopped for a drink, but we could no longer start the engine, a dead battery. We swapped the batteries and managed to start the engine, but had no navigation lights. We were no longer allowed to continue the trip unless we fixed it and so we did…

You don’t need to travel far to have such a nice evening like tonight!

Vlet – Day 3

28th June 2020 – I had a good night sleep. I should have lowered the living table earlier to sleep on, instead of sleeping on the floor. Wen we started the engine, we noticed a flat battery. With only cheap low amp battery charges, we would not make it. There was a liveaboard battery aboard.  The owner switched batteries so the engine started. Sadly enough we had no other power aboard. No radio, no monitoring of the engine, no lights… 

We left Terrneuzen and arrived around 9 o’clock in Evergem. Locks only open at 10, so we waited for an hour, had a chat with some skippers and filled the fuel tank. 

The skipper in front of us had issues getting into lock, creating issues for us as well.


Once we left the lock we had no more issues. The service in Bruges went fluently, every bridge opened nicely on time. The lock went quickly and we moored alongside my neighbour to unload the boat. We then continued to Oudenburg where the ship arrived at its destination, 40 days later after the owner bought it…

Vlet – Day 2

27th June 2020 – No sleep and a a lot of mosquito bites. But when waking up and looking outside made my day. Beautiful weather, a little bit of wind.  

We had a look at the engine and gearbox. The issue was not the engine but the mounting of the forward / reverse handle. Something we have to alter at a later stage. We kept it in mind while moving the boat that manoeuvring would require more thinking / fendering the boat. 

Once we left the Biesbosch we were in open waters. A lot of wind and water coming on our deck. No issue since it was sunny and as quickly we vace wet were dry again.

After the lock of Hansweert, weather changed dramatically. A lot of wind, nearly storm and bad weather. I was engaged in crossing the Westerschelde and had no other option then making it to Terneuzen. I have seen the boat rolling and hitting the waves. At some points, even I was scared. 

I changed clothes in Terneuzen while waiting for the lock.  We moored at the yacht harbour and stayed for the night.

Vlet – Day 1

26th June 2020 – We left in Bruges at 5 o’clock in the evening for Werkendam where the ship was moored. I was tired after not having sleep for a couple of nights because of the heat. The ship was ready for us, but I went to the yard first to pick up the old shaft and the grease pumps. Since they were ours, I wanted it back. always useful for something when you are converting your own boat…

It was nice to sail in the Biesbosh until the engine started smoking and was doing weird. We lost performance and decided to moore near the local ferry boat. The mooring didn’t go as softly as planned since I had no reverse. We secured the boat for the night, had a few drinks and went to bed.

Vlet – Dry-docking the ship

24th May 2020 – I had no sleep. It was cold, I was dirty and tired. The bilges were filled up again with water. I turned the water cooling open and started the engine. It was raining and windy. It took me a hell of a manoeuvre to get out of the yacht harbour. When I arrived at the lock, there were to many yachts, so I went through the Biesbosh. During the journey we had to pump several times since we were making water and fast! Near the yacht harbour, we stranded on a sandbank. We didn’t get her out, so somebody came to help us. The closer we went to the marina the undeeper the water was. In the end we followed a yacht and lowered speed.

At the marina, the tractor with deeploader was already in the water for helping us out. I was wet, it was cold and only coffee could safe me! Since the corona measurements, they could not server us any coffee.

We had to wait for transport to come from Belgium, so we removed the mussels from the hull. Around the shaft we discovered a lot of kit to keep it dry. Not professional and not honest!

Vlet – From Nijmegen to…

22nd May 2020 – We bought some proper ropes and oil in Nijmegen before leaving the historical harbour.  While walking to the shop, I managed to take some pictures of the historical barges.

It was windy and after two hours, water was coming from over the bow onto the back deck. It was becoming that dangerous I decided to enter a marina. We stopped in Woudrichem where I changed clothes and had a meal. I noticed water in the bilges near the bedroom. Not much and some water came in because of the waves, or at least that is what I first believed.

The owner convinced me a few hours later to continue the journey. Three minutes later I was soaked in water and we decided to enter the first possible marine. This was behind the lock in Werkendam. A nice marina. Once moored, I removed the carpet discovering several hatches. Bilges were badly filled up with water. Not a good sign.

In the evening, we left home. Nothing could be done, maybe we continue tomorrow, if not next weekend. It was a bit a disappointment we had to stop that way. 

Vlet – Leaving Almelo

21st May 2020 – The owner came with a gas bottle at six o’clock as promised. We left one hour later and moved nicely towards the first locks. Since I didn’t know the lock or how it works, I made it slowly in the lock. The two yachts in front of me moored at the middle of the lock, I at the back. I had to move from the lock master and changed side, a manoeuvre I should not have done. After some hassle I was secured, stern first…

No damage done, we continued our journey over the IJssel, against tide, to the Waal, with tide. As planned, we made it to Nijmegen. Sadly enough, it was dark and I had no idea where to stay for the night. I made it into a small dock but I was not allowed to stay there. We moved to the historical harbour, I had no good feeling we would make it against the tide. We did, but it took us 20 minutes. We moored alongside a historical clipper, had a few drinks and went into town for food.