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Vlet – Preparing the journey

19th May 2020 – It took me two hours to make the preparations for the journey. I followed Google Maps and made notes for the journey. Let’s hope I didn’t forget anything. The next thing is find my tools, generator, vhf, etc… Looking forward to have a journey tomorrow.

Vlet – Planning

8th May 2020 – We had a meeting in Oudenburg to check our list of supplies needed for the journey and to talk about the route for getting from Almelo to Ghent. Going any further is not an option since the locks are still closed in Belgium for pleasure crafts.

It looks like we are about the be well prepared.

Vlet – Visting a converted peilvlet

13th May 2020 – We went to Almelo to visit a ship. It is a small vlet, converted into a low accommodation live aboard. The pictures in the add were looking good and it was not different when we arrived. The ship was well painted and the general condition was looking good. The engine ran and we had a close look at the bilges, bottom, engineroom, etc… Even the navigation lights were working.