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MS Hornblower – History found

9th August 2019 – I had a phone call in the morning asking to verify a few numbers found in the hull. After a bit of research I managed to get her historical record. She was built in 1902. The new owner just found the ‘brandmerk’ numbers by cleaning the hull. After all these years, we finally know where and for who she was built. The ship stayed for a longer period than expected in commercial service. 

The Hornblower was measured in 1902 and carried the name ‘Borgercompagnie Groningen VV’. Owned by J. Bakker from Borgercompagnie. The ship is 16.04 meters long and 3.42 meters wide.  It was built that the yard G. & H. Bodewes in Hoogezand. 




Hornblower – Still afloat, worth a visit

7th December 2018 – I had a phone call last week from the owner of the Hornblower. He wants to sell the boat. 

The Hornblower is moored in Ghent. I went to have a look at the ship. She was in not such a good condition and a lot of work I’ve done was lost or badly damaged. a bit of a dissapointment.


Hornblower – The end….

20th June 2014 – It is not my intention to keep my website up-to-date with what other people do to my ships I have owned or worked on. I like to follow these ships in the background. I had the chance and honor to sail the Hornblower to the yard on the 7th June 2014. A few days later, she was dry docked.

A week later, the new owners called me telling the yard costs are to expensive and they will scrap the boat. I went to the yard and had a look. It is sad to see her in a condition I shall not further describe….

I will remember the Hornblower as my yacht, where I had a laugh and a cry, where I met nice people, where friends helped painting and the ship I have done the most welding jobs by myself. I spent two years converting her, making her looking shining again.

Thanks to all my friends in the support of saving the Hornblower in 2011. I will not save her again.

PS: For all the people who follow my website: Don’t send me pictures from her at the scrapyard!

Hornblower – Going to the yard

7th June 2014 – The new owners of the Hornblower asked me to join the trip and move the boat to a yard near the Dutch border. After all this time, I could steer her again…

I didn’t refuse the job because I knew she had a reliable engine and she is a good ship.

Hornblower – A visit from Anna

18th April 2013 – Since I have a table in the wheelhouse, we decided to eat on the Hornblower. A close friend came and we had a good meal! She liked it, I was looking at all the work that still needs doing. After two years of heavy work, I realize I still need to do a lot of things. Instead of talking of years, it is now a mater of months. When I bought the Hornblower, I always said it will take me three years and I’m not far off!

Hornblower – Oiling the mast

17th April 2013 – Probably the last day of nice weather. I oiled the little mast and the doors of the ship. Most of the outside is now protected. I can start to concentrate on the inside again. It is surprising that after one winter the wood was looking so neglected. I oiled it with two coats last September….

Hornblower – Paint jobs

15th April 2013 – Some more metal on the outside had to be painted. I’ve painted the railing and the remaining items after cleaning them. The whole ship starts to look good.

It is nice to have nice weather. It is was late, but still a clear sky. I’ve started putting the inside of the wheelhouse in primer.

Hornblower – Removing the old paint

30th March 2013 – The outside of the accommodation wasn’t painted for two years. I have been welding and cutting, mounting new windows, etc… Most of the paintwork was in a bad condition. Time to remove it and give it a good coat of new paint.

By the end of the evening, most of the paint was gone. To do something else to finish the day, I made a box around the pump and boiler, and I mounted two gauges for the engine.