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Hornblower – Oiling the mast

17th April 2013 – Probably the last day of nice weather. I oiled the little mast and the doors of the ship. Most of the outside is now protected. I can start to concentrate on the inside again. It is surprising that after one winter the wood was looking so neglected. I oiled it with two coats last September….

Hornblower – Paint jobs

15th April 2013 – Some more metal on the outside had to be painted. I’ve painted the railing and the remaining items after cleaning them. The whole ship starts to look good.

It is nice to have nice weather. It is was late, but still a clear sky. I’ve started putting the inside of the wheelhouse in primer.

Hornblower – Removing the old paint

30th March 2013 – The outside of the accommodation wasn’t painted for two years. I have been welding and cutting, mounting new windows, etc… Most of the paintwork was in a bad condition. Time to remove it and give it a good coat of new paint.

By the end of the evening, most of the paint was gone. To do something else to finish the day, I made a box around the pump and boiler, and I mounted two gauges for the engine.


Hornblower – Bathroom

28th February 2013 – There were not many updates. I’ve been working to finish the bathroom as fast as I could. Tomorrow I start the plumbing with some help. If this works, it is time to finish this room as well.


Hornblower – Working on the heather

11th February 2013 – Earlier this month, there was a fire on a houseboat in the Netherlands. The cause was overheating of a wooden wall behind a wood stove. I have always been carefully where I put a heating element (diesel, electric or wood burning).

I have a descent diesel heather in the living room of the Hornblower. Diesel can leak, so I made a construction underneath the heather. It is with stones and sand.