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Hornblower – Bathroom

28th February 2013 – There were not many updates. I’ve been working to finish the bathroom as fast as I could. Tomorrow I start the plumbing with some help. If this works, it is time to finish this room as well.


Hornblower – Working on the heather

11th February 2013 – Earlier this month, there was a fire on a houseboat in the Netherlands. The cause was overheating of a wooden wall behind a wood stove. I have always been carefully where I put a heating element (diesel, electric or wood burning).

I have a descent diesel heather in the living room of the Hornblower. Diesel can leak, so I made a construction underneath the heather. It is with stones and sand.

Hornblower – Building an aluminum floor

2nd February 2013 – For the first time in months, I had a look in the engine room. It is now time to make the floor. Over a year ago I bought several sheets of aluminum. I’ve cut them on the right size and dropped them in pace. Now I can walk or crawl around the engine at ease!

Hornblower – Moving the boats

31st January 2013 – Since four days the weather is mild but rainy. There is a lot of wind. Anyway, Andy and I decided to swap the boats next to the Watergeus. It makes it easier to load the furniture aboard my ship and when I work I don’t have to walk in front of his ship.

I started cleaning the wheelhouse and moving the stuff I no longer needs onto the Watergeus for storage (or another project…).

Hornblower – Oiling the living room floor

21st January 2013 – A few more little pieces had to be done in the living room. Once they were cut it was time to oil the floor. I’m always using oil for outside. I have it now for over thee years in the Watergeus and it still looks good. Pictures are taken with my phone. Quality is not that good…