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Hornblower – Building an aluminum floor

2nd February 2013 – For the first time in months, I had a look in the engine room. It is now time to make the floor. Over a year ago I bought several sheets of aluminum. I’ve cut them on the right size and dropped them in pace. Now I can walk or crawl around the engine at ease!

Hornblower – Moving the boats

31st January 2013 – Since four days the weather is mild but rainy. There is a lot of wind. Anyway, Andy and I decided to swap the boats next to the Watergeus. It makes it easier to load the furniture aboard my ship and when I work I don’t have to walk in front of his ship.

I started cleaning the wheelhouse and moving the stuff I no longer needs onto the Watergeus for storage (or another project…).

Hornblower – Oiling the living room floor

21st January 2013 – A few more little pieces had to be done in the living room. Once they were cut it was time to oil the floor. I’m always using oil for outside. I have it now for over thee years in the Watergeus and it still looks good. Pictures are taken with my phone. Quality is not that good…


Hornblower – Line oil in the bilges

19th January 2013 – It is important to have access to the bilges in case there is ever a problem or you suspect something is wrong. I’ve opened the floor, cleaned the bilges and put line oil on it. It is not the perfect period for doing so, but it will dry out and become hard one day…

Hornblower – Painting the living room

7th January 2013 – In the early morning I put a coat of primer in the bathroom.

Anna came to help painting the living room. It was done quicker then I thought. The rest of the day was spent away from the boat.

In the evening I fixed two little leaks, one in the solar vent of the living room and one in the ceiling of the wheelhouse.

Hornblower – Get some more paint

28th December 2012 – Time to go to the shop and get some paint. The bedroom is totally finished and ready for painting. I spent the last couple of days partying and working in the bedroom. Putting down the floor, finishing the lists around the windows and mounting the stairs.

Hornblower – Bedroom finished

28th December 2012 – I’m proud to say the bedroom is finished. All the woodwork has been done. In the afternoon I bought the paint and I’m hoping to paint it somewhere next week.

It takes nearly one hour to make the wooden lists fit around the windows. I have five windows (two portholes, two windows and a skylight). The floor is a wooden parquet. I spent most of the week finishing the bedroom. When a job is finished, and for the last bits you buy the right equipment, then you say: ‘I should have bought this on day one’. Well a compressor with a nail gun is no luxury, believe me!

Hornblower – Living room

15th December 2012 – I’ve been using the living room more or less as a storage space. Most of the woodwork was finished. A few corners had to be done. There was one power cable I had to hide and around the windows was also some more work.

By the end of the afternoon, we managed to sort out the living room and to make it empty.