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Stern – Dismantling the heather

20th July 2020 – A small job but, it had to be done carefully, dismantling the heather in the living room. I want to reuse it. Around the heather was old insulation and wood. This is the last bit of old t&g that was left on the ship. I cleaned the sides of the ship. They are now ready for new insulation.

Stern – Free insulation

5th July 2020 – I found an advertisement for free Rockwool insulation. I drove to pick it up and filled my whole van. There is enough for the Stern and even more for future projects… Only one issue, where to store it?

Stern – Working on the door frame

21st June 2020 – The door frame is now finished. I lowered the door and finished the frame around it. Now I can continue with the walls and start looking for another door for the toilet. I still don’t know what to do with the toilet itself. Keep the current system of a manual pump or make a comfortable home toilet.  I am afraid of the water inlet and outlet at the bottom of my ship. If it goes wrong, it will go wrong badly…

Stern – Leaks and wood

15th June 2020 – I forgot to close the skylight, so it rained a lot… I found three leaks in the welding I did, two at the front and one in the corner of a window. I cleaned the problems, but welding is for Friday. I was tired, but did a small job, giving me a good feeling. I bolted three pieces of wood, the beginning of the frame for the ceiling to the ribs. 

Stern – Cleaning and painting

14th June 2020 – I gave a second coat of paint on the front of the cabin. You can still see where I welded. Not happy about the result. For the rest of the day, I did some cleaning and removed the last old stuff from the bow area. Before leaving, I quickly build a mast for the back. A small detail, but at least something done…

Stern – Front windows

11th June 2020 – I was in doubt if I would keep the windows, but make new ones, or just close the gaps and maybe at the most put some portholes in. After cutting out the old window, I had a look and the window accentuated the shape of the roof to much. I closed one windows, but it will take me another day to finish the welding properly.