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Stern – Ballast and first window frame

31st May 2020 – I picked up around 300kgs of metal for ballast. I got it for free from someone who had just bought three containers  of old stuff from a warehouse. On the way home I picked up free curver boxes to store the metal in. It took me some time to unload it and store it on the Watergeus.

In the evening I went to the Stern and made a frame for the first of six windows. I’m not so happy with the result, but if prevents rainwater from coming in, I’m happy.

Stern – Oiling the wheelhouse

28th May 2020 – I still don’t know what to do with the wheelhouse of the Stern. A wooden wheelhouse looks older and has more charm. A metal on is watertight and better on the long run…

Since it was sanded down earlier this month, I put a coat of oil on it to feed the wood.

Stern – Welding a pipe around the roof

26th May 2020 – A pipe was welded around the roof of the cabin. This is a common practice to finish a roof so water doesn’t run off everywhere and it is less sharp when walking around. I started at luchtime and was nearly finished in the evening. It had been a long time since I welded for so many hours.

I also mounted the mastfoot and mast. It needs adjusting, but at least, I’m happy with a visual adjustment.

Late in the evening, I cut the wooden roof in smaller pieces for my neighbour. He will burn it.

Stern – New roof for the cabin

25th May 2020 – I got up early in the morning for removing the old rotten roof. It was rotten, but still very well attached to the ship. A friend came to help me and after two hours the roof was gone. The upper structure is fairly rotten at some places, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

When removing the layers of wood, we discovered how nicely the Stern used to be. A wooden roof in hardwood with rubber seals. It must have been a great yacht.

We removed some old ribs and badly rusty parts before lowering the new sheets on the frame. I knew it just ordered enough metal, but we had to alter the position of the plates to make it. The frame for the skylight, I made earlier last month, fitted well. Happy with the result, but still a lot needs to be done!

Stern – Moving the sheets of metal

18th May 2020 – I drove the metal sheets to Beernem. Not an easy job since they were to big to fit properly in the van. They are now on my hatches of Tordino, ready to be welded Thursday. Once the roof is done, I’m safe for the winter!

Stern – Painting the hull

16th May 2020 – I painted the portside of the hull with a small dinghy. It wasnt’ a success when I started. When launching the boat, it made water, and it never stopped. So I had to pump it very five minutes. I only managed to do halve of the ship since to many boats were passing by and I was making to much water. When taking some pictures, I dropped my safety line and had to paddle with my hands to make it back to my boat. I wonder if there was more paint on my ship or my body….

The hull itself is looking shiny and it does make a difference.

I noticed the belting was indeed rotten and gone on several places. Previous repairs of silicon were found underneath the paint.  It is above the waterline, so nothing to have sleepless nights about, but it means a lot of work in the future.


Stern – Removing the interior on starboard side

12th May 2020 – It was now time to remove the interior on the other side. There was some more wood, but also a lot of electric wires, a sink, plumbing, etc… The sink outlet wasn’t safe at all. Just a hose over a metal pipe, not even secured. When I removed the insulation, I discovered a crack in the hull, just underneath the deck. The ship was probably hit by another ship or squeezed between land and another ship.

The general condition is not better then the other side. But a good cleanup and paint will do a lot!

My neighbour took the wood, he will burn it. Safes me a lot of time.


Stern – Windy weather

10th May 2020 – It was extremely windy in the afternoon. When the Stern was in Ghent, it was along a friends ship so I knew it was secure. Now it is my responsability. That is why I want it to be in Bruges as quick as possible. I had a look in the evening and it looked more like a sailing boat then a covered yacht. I added some extra ropes to secure the cover. The lifering on the roof was in the water, but I managed to salvage it.

Stern – Day 2 of removing paint

9th May 2020 – Like a friend said to me last week: by sitting on a chair nothing happens. This is true, so I continued removing paint. I had no time left to paint, but put two proper covers over the boat to keep her dry. They are predicting bad weather tomorrow.

I sealed a small leak in the deck. It needs welding, but the more I can keep her dry, it is better for the ship and myself.

Stern – A hard day of working

8th May 2020 – In the morning we had to pick up our cars. On the way back I stopped in Beernem to start working on the Stern. Removing paint. I had a lot planned, but only managed to remove half of the paint. Before leaving, I gave it a quick coat of primer  until I ran out of paint. People will now at least notice the difference and see it is a project. Nothing worse then loose bits of paints.

Stern – Moving to Beernem

7th May 2020 – My initial plan was to move her tomorrow, but  I was already thinking of moving her this evening. Just do it by myself. At the start of the Covid period I even had a plan of moving her at night.

I arrived at five o’clock in the evening, filled up the fuel tank, started the engine and unloaded my van.  I had some tools with me, but very limited. The spare battery was still on Tordino and I had no generator.  I had all the official equipment with me like lifejackets and some spare oil. A VHF, paperwork and my own documents were aboard the Watergeus. This was the first time I started a journey so badly prepared. It reminded me of the time when we moved boats with Andy.

A friend wanted to join, so I called to check if he was available and he arrived one hour later. We left Ghent at 18h30 and arrived in Beernem around 21h30. A nice trip, nearly no boats, a lovely sunset and most of all: a good running engine!  

In the old diary of the ship, they mentioned overheating of the engine. We started slowly but reved up the engine until we got a proper speed of 10km’s an hour. It was the first time I wasn’t nervous during a journey with one of my own ships.


Stern – Painting the mast

6th May 2020 – I gave a second coat of brown to the mast. The top was painted white and the foot light brown. I started making a new pennant for the mast. It will be in metal so it lasts a long time.  A friend gave me a thin sheet of metal. I will cut it tomorrow. 

In the evening I gave a third coat of oil to the namesigns on one side.

I am also planning on moving the ship on Friday to Beernem. Not sure yet, but next week the weather is not looking good.  I will need fuel, oil, lifering and tools. A lot to do in a short time….