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Tordino – Cleaning and painting

23rd February 2021 – I sanded down the cabin on port side and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. The new entrance also got it first coat. It is starting to look a bit more like  an integrated entrance. I had some trouble connecting the hose for the drainage of the water. It is now attached to the pipes, but it certainly needs adjusting. The pipe is no standard size so I will have to buy a bigger hose. 

At the end of the afternoon, I went to the other side of the canal to take some more pictures. 

Tordino – Another day of work for the entrance

20th February 2021 – We started early in the morning we were stopped yesterday. With a heavy jack we managed to get the cabin in position, a tricky and dangerous operation where many things could go wrong. Having the right tools is half the job. Not being afraid the other half. 

I could not take many pictures since I was holding the tools or the cabin so it would not fall in the water. At the end of the evening we didn’t finish all the welding. Another day is necessarily to finis the job.  Before going home I cleaned most of the grinding dust from the deck. 

Tordino – Antother check

9th February 2021 – I did a quick check on Tordino. After a phone call in the wheelhouse I felt asleep for an hour. It was so lovely in the sun behind glass….

The entrance was still in position. I was a bit worried when the ice would melt, that the whole construction could slide down.

Tordino – Wheelhouse….

5th December 2020 – First the good news: the new charger is installed and I have heating again!. This is great. Thanks to my friends for helping me.

There was a small rotten piece under the door of the wheelhouse. While taking it away, I discovered more and more wet wood. So after about ten minutes of work, I just realize I can better rebuild the wheelhouse. There is now a cover over the roof. This will keep dry for a while. In the meantime the old interior will be removed. It is nothing special anyway and it exists of several layers of plywood and Formica. Time to make it look more traditional again. Maybe I’ll use some of the recovered interior from the Jeanne.

Together with my mother, we made some traditional curtains for the windows. The next step is to remove the modern rolling curtains and also replace them with traditional ones.


Tordino – No power…

28th November 2020 – I already noticed late in the afternoon I had no AIS signal so there was no power aboard. When I checked the engine room it was not the mains power but the charger that is broken, a very expensive one… It lasted over ten years, so I can’t complain. 

I used another charger to keep my ship alife since all my equipment is running of the inverter aboard..

Tordino – Skylight

31st October 2020 – The last day in Belgium before the lockdown. Thankfully the  DIY shops will remain open. In the early morning I went to a cheap tools shop that is closing tomorrow. I was there at 8:30 and the shop opens at 9:00. There was already a massive queue of people waiting. I bought some paint for the Stern, screws and tools.. I lowered it by 11 centimeters. It still looks high, but the difference in colour makes it look strange. Once painted, I hope it will be better. 


Then I started looking at the wheelhouse. It needs a lot of maintenance as well. I was surprised to see how quickly Tordino is deteriorating. Next weekend, I will continue to work aboard.