Category: MS Tordino

Tordino – Cover for the hatches

5th August 2020 – One of the last remaining issues for looking traditional are the aluminium hatches. They look to modern, even if it is an old ship. The cover was mounted today and I’m happy with the result.  By the time we finished temperature was to hot to do anything. So it the was right timing!

Tordino – More models

25th July 2020 – I drove for a second set of models to Baasrode. The biggest model of the ship elevator of Strepy-Thieu. A heavy model of more than 2 meters long. I had to dismantle it into two pieces. It took me over one hour to lower it in Tordino. It will become the centerpiece at the entrance in the near future, once the model is fully restored. 


Tordino – Swimming people and dead fish

24th June 2020 – There were a few articles in the local newspaper about dead fish and oxygen being pumped into the water. A lot of fish had died. I was a bit afraid what I might expect. When I arrived, people were swimming around my ship, but not a single fish was floating…

Tordino – A quick check

10th June 2020 – AIS was down for 24 hours, so I had a look and while I was there, I started cleaning the kitchen and living accommodation. All my stuff from the Stern were still unsorted under and on the table.