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Tordino – On the move

19th August 2017 – We moved the ship in the morning. The entrance of the hold should be better positioned now, so people can get easily aboard. Since my neighbour didn’t want to move and the gangway would be on his garden, I moved Tordino. Even if people try to make it hard, I always try to find a solution…

Tordino – Painting the entrance

13th August 2017 – Still doing smaller jobs that fit the puzzle of my conversion. The entrance and platform were painted while I built the floor down the steps. The stage for the lifeboat is built. It took me some time since I couldn’t move her that much.

Wile closing the ship, I looked in one of the hatches and found the blue cover of my current lifeboat. At least she won’t be filling up with water again. I don’t like an open life boat outside.

Tordino – Working on the replica den

12th August 2017 – The construction for the old den of a ship with wooden hatches continued. I now put the plywood on. Once this is painted, I can build the supports. Inside the corridor to the toilets, wood work is finished as well. I don’t want to count how many packages of t&g I already used on this ship.





Tordino – Entrance finished

10th August 2017 – I finished the entrance of the ship and the stairway. This is now ready for painting.

One of the fixed items in the hold are a few old hatches. They are heavy and I had to cut them the right size. From my previous ship, the Aquarel, I had a few supports for the hatches left. They are are metal, so I had to cut them the right length. It took me most of the day to move it around, measure and get it in the right position. Working with wooden hatches must have been a hard life in the early days!