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Tordino – Picking up some stuff

6th April 2020 – I drove to Tordino to pick up the blueboard and a piece of furniture. My mother wants to help, but she needs to stay inside.  So I brought her those two items.  While I was in Tordino, I brought some wood to finish the workshop.

Tordino – A quick look

2nd April 2020 – I had a quick look at Tordino. Everything was fine, but when I was back home, my neighbour called me telling he removed my blueboard last Sunday during the storm. I had never noticed it…

Tordino – Small jobs

28th March 2020 – It was getting windy and painting was no option. I painted the railing but had to stop. Since I was still aboard, I did some smaller jobs in the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping room. 

In the afternoon, I went back to the Watergeus.

Tordino – Lights and screens

12th March 2020 – I mounted the light bulbs and the brackets for the televisions in the hold.  Nearly ready!

The Keersluis is locked since yesterday and will remain locked until Saturday. I have an 86 meters ship next to me.