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Tordino – Painting and t&g

24th April 2018 – While my parents painted the big wall in the hold, I continued with t&g. Since I didn’t had any time to go to the shop, I ran out of t&g…


It had to be red for the surveyor

Later that evening, I built my first frame for the show boxes.

Tordino – Corridor

23rd April 2018 – Started working in the corridor to the hold. This is one of the remaining places where I have a lot of wood work to do.

One of the remaining issues of the survey was to insulate the chimney of the heater.

Tordino – Finishing the big wall

21st April 2018 – A perfect day for working. 26°C outside, at least 40°C inside. My father was sanding down the blue paint outside while I finished the big wall of the museum entrance. My mother vanished the old accommodation in the hold and started painting in the afternoon.


Tordino – Letters

15th April 2018 – A friend came to help me to put the new stickers on the wheelhouse with the name and registration number. This was one of the requirements for the survey.

In the late afternoon, I continued with t&g. An never ending story….

Tordino – Cleaning the hold

14th April 2018 – Today was a cleaning up day. I cleaned most of the wood I no longer needed. I finished small bits and pieces, while my mother started putting primer on the support for the ceiling.

The last wall was insulated. I’m getting there…

Tordino – On the yard (again)

30th March 2018 –  Tordino was taken out of the water the next morning. I was up all night with a pump, trying to avoid water getting near the generator or bow thruster.

Two plates were welded on the bow of the ship. I hope they will stop the water from coming in.