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Tordino – Oil spill in the canal

16th May 2019 – They called me at lunch time. There was a big oil spill in the canal near Tordino and asked me to check if it came from my ship. I was pretty sure my ship was fine, but decided to go there anyway. I was at the other side of the country, so it took me hours to get there. 

When I arrived, we noticed the oil was coming from anther mooring behind the Keersluis.


Tordino – Day 4

21st April 2019 – I’ve started by fixing the wheelhouse roof. It still needs replacing at some time, but now I’ve used aluminium tape instead of cheap duct tape. It should be fine for another year.

We gave the wheelhouse another coat of varnish.  After three coats she is well protected and looking good.

The car crane got it second coat of paint. The mast for the radar received two coats of black paint and I did another part of the deck with primer while my father continued cleaning the anchor winch.

Tordino – Day 3

20th April 2019 – The wheelhouse got it second coat of varnish. The car crane is now painted in the same colours as the rest of my ship.  I gave the deck a second coat.  The mast of the radar is in primer and the hatch for the entrance is finished.

Additions to the collection

Tordino – Day 2

19th April 2019 – A first coat of varnish was put on the wheelhouse. The wheelhouse hadn’t been maintained for the last couple of years. Even after one coat it started looking good!

I painted the deck I cleaned yesterday. For only a few square meters it took me ages to paint it. The surface is waffles pattern.

My father continued cleaning the anchor winch.

Tordino – Preparations

16th April 2019 – Thursday, I’m starting on Tordino, removing the old vanish from the wheelhouse, removing paint on the decks and on the anchor winch.  I loaded my car with tools and paint. They were last used on the yard in November when the Watergeus was dry docked.

Tordino – Preparing for the next exhibition

14th April 2019 – I wasn’t feeling right, but decided to build something. I had two cupboards that I needed to build. They will replace the metal  supports. It looks more professional and I can add more content.  It is the plan to finish this part of the hold at the end of the year when my budget will allow it.


Tordino – Making the entrance rain proof

13th April 2019 – One of the main issues on my museum is the entrance. If it rains, I need to close the hatches.  I want a sliding hatch on the entrance. With stuff I had and some metal I bought, I just started building something.  It seems to work, but I need some more metal. To be continued….

Tordino – New batteries & certificate of Varend Erfgoed

29th March 2019 – My neighbour James helped me installing the new batteries for Tordino. The engine started straight away! It hadn’t run since last September when we whelped moving the Tatro to the yard.

When I arrived home, I found the certificate of ‘Varend Erfgoed’ in my letterbox. Tordino is now official recognized as heritage!

Tordino – Cleanup

17th March 2019 – I did a small clean-up outside.  Leaves, branches from trees and some rubbish, all of it was blown on deck. I raised the mast again and did some cleaning in the back accommodation. 

Later in the afternoon, I continued moving my tools to the back of the ship. At least, the storage unit is becoming empty and ready to be converted in an archive room.