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Tordino – A visit from Terra Nova

23rd May 2017 – While cruising on the Terra Nova, I suggested the skipper to more alongside so I could show the ship and the conversion to the crew. I will be a happy man the day my ship will have the same level of finish as theirs! The Terra Nova is in a marvelous condition!

Tordino – Unloading metal

23rd April 2017 – While cleaning the Watergeus, I removed my metal sheets, metal stairs and other tools from underneath the hatches. I put it in my van and today we unloaded it aboard the Tordino. Most of the metal will be used for the the entrance and the wheelhouse in the hold.

The stairs, I have kept for a very long period. It was a gift from a friend. He salvaged it from the Julie, a spits barge in Bruges. Never believed I could use it and certainly not on Tordino….

We continued with the roof in the library. I need a second man to help me lift the hatches.

My mother cleaned the storage units at the front of the ship. There was enough rubbish to fill my van again!


Tordino – Ceiling of the Library

17th April 2017 – After a relaxing day in Vreeswijk, it was time again to work. One of the experimental items on my planning was the ceiling of the Library. Still not convinced whether it would hold, I started building the ceiling. I will have to strengthen some parts, but it looks good, very good!

The watertanks are now in position. I had to do this first before extending the frame.

Tordino – Moving a lifeboat

14th April 2017 – There is an old lifeboat in the hold. It will be used as a piece for the permanent exhibition on the inland waterways. Last week the outside was put in primer and the inside finished with some good paint. The boat was still in the middle of the hold.

Since the weight is at least 300kg, I couldn’t move it by myself. I put a small trolley under the stern of the boat and lifted the front to walk around with it. It went surprisingly well and she was in position in no time. Just to turn her, I called the neighbour to help.

Wood was delivered in the afternoon. It took the three of us some time to get it aboard. It wasn’t much, but it was heavy. Once the wood was stored aboard, I took a shower and went! Enough lifting for one day

Tordino – Insulation and mounting portholes

26th March 2017 – While my father started insulating the library, I cut the holes in the wall for the portholes. Since it is a maritime library, I want to give the feel and look of a ship.

Nice to have a working system. I check my generator once a week. While I was in the engine room, I noticed she had no oil left. I filled her, but it took some time before I noticed there was oil in the carter again. When she ran, oil ran out of the filter. There was a serious crack in the case of the filter. I replaced the filter and she ran again nicely. All the batteries were flat, so I will have to check more often!

Tordino – Water tanks arrived

25th March 2017 – My water containers arrived in the late afternoon. They were a little more heavy then expected. It was getting time since I couldn’t close the wall behind the Library. After the tanks were in position, I continued building the frame for the wall.

Tordino – Insulation delivered

22nd March 2017 – The frame is nearly finished. A few more pieces to strengthen the four walls and I can start to insulate.

Insulation arrived today, 25 roles. Looks a lot until I opened a few packages. I hope to have enough for the Library room.