Category: MS Watergeus

Watergeus – Small pieces

6th April 2020 – I was tired, had a bad night of sleep and it was busy homeworking. In the evening I did two small things, making a frame around the central heating pipes and mounting a plywood in the entrance. 

The water was so clear, I could see fish swimming around my rudders.

Watergeus – Workshop

4th April 2020 – With the wood that was delivered yesterday, I continued working in the workshop. It is nice to have wood and to be able to continue working during these hard times.

I had to shorten the door again since I’m going to put in a proper floor.

Wategeus – cleaning a light box and repairing the mast

31st March 2020 – I cleaned the first of two light boxes for the Tordino. They are the old boxes from the Arma, wel covered in paint…

I repaired the mast. It is a temporary solution, but I hope it last until the Corona period is over and I can buy another one.

And the last job for the evening was cleaning a porthole for my front door.

Watergeus – Cleaning the deck

28th March 2020 – I’m getting bored with no wood left to work. My deck was a mess and I cleaned it with a high pressure cleaner, removing old paint and rust. I also cleaned the little boat and my hatches where I had been working the last couple of days to restore the light cases for Tordino.

Watergeus – Painting

24th March 2020 – I started painting the workshop. I finished the ceiling with t&g before I could paint. Since I ran out of wood, the walls will have to be finished another time.

In the late evening, I chipped some rust from the big anchor. I had no energy left to take an electric tool. So I jus used a hammer. 

Watergeus – Door and wall

8th March 2020 – Today the door was mounted between the workshop and the technical room.  The wall was finished and I started working with t&g. The door is similar to the ones in the living accommodation. I always kept a spare door and now, after 12 years I can finaly use it. Never throw anything away!