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Watergeus – Didn’t sleep at all

7th October 2018 – I didn’t sleep at all! To many boats passing by, to many waves, to much shaking around. When I was back from Aalter, I started working on another content project for Museumschip Tordino. I didn’t have the energy for working aboard the Watergeus. Maybe tomorrow evening.

Watergeus – To the yard

6th October 2018 – I was up way to early, but nervous as usual. Not like Tordino, the Watergeus is a ship that doesn’t move at all.

There were still a few ropes I had to undo. In Bruges, it is sadly enough often the habit of people to undo ropes for fun. Therefore most boats have enough ropes and a steel cable to make sure it doesnt’t happen.

The crew arrived at 6:30 and we left straight away. The first part took us 45 minutes since we had to go in reverse. One we were through the lock and the multiple bridges in Bruges, the journey went flewently. The plan was to keep the engine running under 1000 rotations a minute and so we did. The journey took 2 hours longer because of this, but there was no overheating the fuel consumption was 70 liters for the whole journey.

At the yard, I managed to get some shore power, so I’m living now with extensions leads from the bedroom to the bathroom… Something I will change are my lights. I must be able, when I have no 380v available, to use the lights aboard.


Watergeus – Last preparations

5th October 2018 – There was a list if things I had to do and things I forgot to do. Both lists were equal. Slightly panicing of what could go wrong, I realised I was less prepared then usual. Since my car was already at the yard, there were no other options then to be creative with my tools and equipment aboard the Watergeus.

Watergeus – First steps

24th September 2018 – The Watergeus hasn’t moved since a few years. Not very professional. I started undoing the ropes of one neighbour. Her boat is now attached to the wooden support of the canal. I did a small paint job in the engine room and sealed a forgotten hole in the bulkhead. The exhaust of the generator is now also insulated. 

At the end of the evening, I welded a broken bracket on my anchor winch. All jobs I should have done in summer time…

Watergeus – Engine

10th September 2018 – Preparing the Watergeus for the yard is more then just filling up the tanks and getting the right tools aboard. I let the engine run with the shaft on for about two hours. Temperature was fine and never got over 80°C.

While the engine was running, I cleaned the wheelhouse. It was a storage unit for the last couple of years.



Watergeus – Painting the deck

18th August 2018 – In the morning I went to an auction on maritime objects. I bought some nice pieces for Museumschip Tordino and for the Watergeus. I had been looking for some time to get myself a proper ship’s bell. 

After I moved paintings and objects from the Watergeus to my museum, my living space started looking empty, soulless. I found a few nice decorative items I will now mount.

I spent painting a part of the gangway in the afternoon. The outside needs to be looking good as well!


Watergeus – Grinding

17th August 2018 – So much grinding todo….

  • Removing the old ballast tank: job failed after two square meters. This will become a long lsting project.
  • Grinding the remains of the old box of the generator: partly done until my machine started overheating

Watergeus – Removing the generator

16th August 2018 – The generator was removed today. At least some more space on the front deck. It took us three people to get it of the boat. 

You need to put the dimensions of  your ship and the Certificate number on both sides of the ship. I made some wooden name signs and welded a bracket today. 

I grinded some rust of the deck in the evening. 

Watergeus – Removing the generator

14th August 2018 – Years ago, I welded a metal box on the front deck for a generator. I’ve never used it and now it is time to remove it along with several other objects. The old petrol engine for the anchor winch, a support for a bench vise and some old brackets were also removed. I now have some space on deck and it looks more like when she was a commercial barge!

Watergeus – Filling up the watertanks

26th July 2018 – In between talking with the police and fire brigade or the neighbours, I tried filling up my water tanks and those of my neighbour.

There was a massive oil spill on the Canal. Civil services were still cleaning around 2 o’clock at night. We have no idea where it was coming from.