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Watergeus – Living Room

7th October 2010 – I still had to close the wooden construction where water pipes are running through. It is a job that I had to do a longtime ago. Together with the wood I ordered on Monday, I bought some planks to close the gap.

Watergeus – Painting front accommodation, wood delivery and a last goodby to the Ross Leopard

4th October 2010 – In the early morning I went to the Ross Leopard to take some pictures of her being towed away. The tug never showed up and I felt asleep in the wheelhouse. Half of the morning was gone…

While I was waiting for the wood to be delivered, I painted the front accommodation. When this was done and the wood aboard the Watergeus, I finished the second entrance to the boat.

Watergeus – Cutting out the floor

29th September 2010 – I cut out the shower area in the back accommodation. The bathroom, where once the kitchen was has a standing height of 1,80 meters. That is not enough for a shower, so I’ll lower the floor in the bathroom. Since there are a few ribs, the grease pump and the gearbox, I had to carefully choose the area where I could put the shower.

In the evening I went eating at the neighbours.

Watergeus – Painting / insulating

26th September 2010 – The remaining parts of the blank metal were painted. I insulated the walls in the afternoon. The roof panels of the wheelhouse are in a very bad condition. I removed the top layer, and put in new wood. The lists around it need to be sanded down before I’ll put them back.

Watergeus – Cleaning and painting

18th September 2010 – In the morning I removed all the useless stuff from the back accommodation, the paneling I wanted to keep, furniture and tools that were no longer required.

The side was degreased and painted.

I went shopping for some wood and tools. I want to make a frame as quick as possible so I get my first impression on how much space that will be available once I’m finished insulating the sides.

Watergeus – Stairs

15th September 2010 – On Monday I had removed the stairs of the back accommodation to get my furniture out or at least to attempt to get it out.

I was totally forgotten the stair was still in the bathroom so I felt over a meter deep; straight in the back accommodation. Luckily I didn’t break a single thing. I mentioned it on my Facebook page as a joke,but it really hearts!