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Watergeus – Painting the living room

27th September 2009 – I continued painting the living room, over 150m2, and it needs at least to be painted three times, one coat of primer and two finishing coats of nice paint. It is a hard job. Since the finishing paint is a kind o broken white, it is hard to see the difference with the primer while painting. You need a lot of concentration.

Putting tar on the Upendo in Zelzate

23rd September 2009 – My neighbour’s ship will be launched tomorrow so we helped her a little by putting another coat on the hull. With three people, it took us less then two hours to go around the sides. A freshly tarred ship always looks nice. Just forgot my camera so no pictures…

Watergeus – Furniture

22nd September 2009 – In the evening all furniture came over from Ostend. It fitted in two cars and a jeep. It looks much smaller with the stuff in te hold. Another reason why I’m happy I painted the boat in light colours. All my furniture is dark wood.

Wheelhouse, water tanks and hatches

20th September 2009 – The heating element in the wheelhouse is about to be replaced. The wooden panel behind it was rotten and falling apart. With the remaining wood I made a new one. It still needs to be vanished, but it is looking good. Since it is a 22mm multiplex sheet the heating element can hang on the plate, making it easier to clean the floor.

On Tuesday I’ll bring my furniture over from my parents place to the boat. Since they have to go through the hatch on the roof all hatches around it need to go. The hold was cleaned and all stuff no longer needed was stored away.

Watergeus – Details

19th September 2009 – A few more details in the living room had to be sorted out. Also two windows had to be framed in the bathroom.

The whole afternoon I painted the living room and corridor. The corridor is now finished.


At noon time one the paper boats was passing by. Yesterday every guest had to make a paper boat with a candle. Today one was still afloat.

Watergeus – Flooring part II

13th September 2009 – In the morning I made the two remaining inspection holes and finished the floor in the corridor heading to the living room. In the late afternoon I started painting but give up very quickly. Three days of work is more then enough. 

Watergeus – Central Heating II

8th September 2009 – While building the new central heating I had the tools to remove the old pipes. All of the sudden, I had plenty of more space in the engine room. By the end of the evening the hold was finished and the heating in the storage area. I can now start to finish the remaining woodwork in the hold.

Watergeus – Floor and entrance

6th September 2009 – In the morning we finished the floor in the kitchen and in the afternoon the entrance of the ship. Besides the box on starboard side where the heating is coming, all the big woodwork is done. Another step closer to living in the hold.

I used softwood (Pine from Norway) as floor for the living room. Many people recommended me not to do so. There are several reasons why I did it anyway. It is cheap, four centimeters thick and it will be oiled. I wanted a floor that was not tongue and groove so I could easily remove it to get to the hull on the yard. Screw are holding the planks to the multiplex underneath it. By the time the four centimeters of wood will be gone, so am I. I don’t mind it gets damaged on some points, since the floor in the office space, corridors and sleeping room is Azobe. This floor came from a cargo hold and is also damaged.

Watergeus – Living room

5th September 2009 – We finished the woodwork kitchen and living room. Small gaps were closed and a few details touched up. Everything is now ready for painting.

The heater was probably the biggest piece that had to enter through the door, so we could now finish the entrance hall as well, without having to risk to break everything out.

Watergeus – Floor

4th September 2009 – Today they delivered the floor for the kitchen and living room. Since every piece was over five meters in length it was a big job to get it aboard.

In the afternoon they called to tell me the heating system, pallets and heating elements would be delivered today instead of tomorrow. A bit surprised I had to make some more room in the living room. When the truck arrived I was even more surprised by the volume of pellets that had to enter the hold.