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Watergeus – Table, anchor and deck

31st August 2009 – My second anchor is on the front deck. Thursday, a friend is coming with a crane. I moved the chain through it’s gate and dropped it along the hull. I hope to put my anchor in position if the crane is long enough. I cut the anchor loose from the ship since it was welded a few years ago.

I built a small box for the heating element near the water tanks. Only a small wall was needed, but by the time I was finished it was also a work bench and storage space.

In the late evening, I cleaned another part of the deck. The idea of cleaning a square meter a day is not realizable.

Watergeus – Spending money again

29th August 2009 – The first thing I had to do was getting some stuff to work, such as a metal brush to clean the deck, rust free steel bolts for my hatches (the current ones are rusting away), paint brushes for the tar, ordering a floor for the living room and kitchen, paint for the floor and deck, etc…

Watergeus – Water damage & thunder

28th August 2009 – A nice welcome was the bad weather in the evening. It was so heavy every thunder I felt my ship vibrating. The cover of my metal boat on the back accommodation didn’t hold it. First all water ran into the back accommodation through a broken window and a little later my cover was blown away completely.

Watergeus – Bathroom

15th August 2009 – The bathroom was the area that had always been postponed for a later date. Since I still have intentions for living in the hold before the end of the year, I decided to finish this area. An air vent was mounted, and the remaining walls closed.

Watergeus – Deck

12th August 2009 – I made up my mind and decided to paint my deck instead of oiling it. Still, I’ll try to remove as much paint as possible. Since some rust was making pitting, I had no other option then to start painting it. Around a square meter was cleaned and painted. If I do a few meters every few days, my deck might be finished before the end of the year.

Watergeus – New lifeboat

6th August 2009 – At seven o’clock we started moving the boat by land from one ship to mine. I started myself, but it was way to heavy. Even with three people it was hard, so the other neighbours came out as well to help. Six people were needed in total to help!

Boat visiting

2nd August 2009 – A friend wanted to have a look at a ship in Ghent in the afternoon. I went to give my opinion. We ended up with some other friends for a chat. A relaxing day.

Kolenkaai Feesten 2009

1st August 2009 – In the morning I helped setting up all the tables and the stage for the evening. At noon time my neighbour helped me with putting the official registration numbers on my ship. Looks much better now.

A couple of Dutch people living in our street came to sell their handmade stuff on the deck of the Watergeus.

In the evening there was a BBQ and a band came to give a small performance.

Watergeus – Corridor and doors

30th July 2009 – While my mother helped me painting the doors, I worked on the corridor. After dismounting a switch for the light, I noticed I had a loose cable. A second later I noticed there was 220 on the cable. Fortunately the fuse switched off so I only had to feel it shortly.

Watergeus – Box on the starboard side

27th July 2009 – I built half of the box in the living room. This will hide the water pipe and central heating pipes as well as a few smaller electricity cables.


I believe one of the reasons why I like a ship is the work that has to be done in the hold. Sun was coming in through the portholes, some music was playing and I could easily make a construction without being interrupted by others. When working like that you can make a lot of progress.

I want the box to be ready for this Saturday. There is an event on the quay and people have an exposition in my hold. I’m afraid somebody might step on the water pipe so I’m already covering it.

Watergeus – Inspection hatches

26th July 2009 – I used to call them hatches, but they are noting more then holes in three layers of floor construction. Now I realise I should have built them earlier. Three holes in the same amount of hours. Talking of slow progress…