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Watergeus – Kitchen

20th June 2009 – Since the kitchen will be delivered in September I have to finish it now. Th roof and one side are finished. It was done reasonable quickly, since we are now starting to have the feeling and experience of working with pine t&g! Let say it this way: it is getting a boring job and we still have to do a few more meters…

In the evening I mounted my satellite disc on the ship. My neighbour did no longer need it, so I can watch tv again. Since it is an analogue system, not many companies are still broadcasting this way…

Watergeus – Kitchen

18th June 2009 – I went looking for a kitchen. Since I would like to live permanently in the hold by this winter, I needed a small kitchen. Since I had made up my mind and took a small plan with me it was relative easy to find what I wanted.

Watergeus – Floor underneath the stairs

8th June 2009 – Underneath the stairs is a small area, a fusebox is the only item in that area. It was once planned to place a big pump in that area, later a generator, a set of batteries, etc… Now it will become a storage area for food and drinks.

Since the floor was still multiplex wood and I had some azobe left, I decided to put it in this area. halfway the floor I realized I had run out of this wood. Fortunately I had some left in the engine room, underneath the hatches and in the bathroom. Just enough to finish the floor…


Watergeus – Plumbing

28th May 2009 – Another day of plumbing, now it was the waste water system that needed connecting. Since I’m using a massurator, it saves me at lot of hassle creating holes n the ship. One outlet is enough for shower, toilet and kitchen.

Watergeus – Shower and front cabin

24th May 2009 – While I was building the support for the shower tray, my mother washed the front accommodation. In the afternoon and evening I continued and finished the frame of the front cabin. Next week I can insulate the area and put the panels on.

Watergeus – Flooring the front cabin

19th May 2009 – I started building a frame for the floor in the front cabin. Having build several frames in the past for different areas on the boat, I must say this one seems a little harder to built. Everything is bended and the metal construction exists of old sheets of metal they must have reused in the sixties when building this cabin.

Watergeus – Emptying the front cabin

18th May 2009 – Coming weekend I want to build the frame for the front cabin. Since not all my tools were removed, I decided to clean it. Besides some wood, there were also steel plates, a heating element, some pieces for the bow rudder, a few hoses, a box with spanners and a lot of paint.

It did obviously took more time then planned to remove that much stuff out of this small area.