Watergeus – Working on deck

13th March 2010 – The first nice day to work outside. I have some time, so I just started cleaning the gang board of the ship near the back accommodation. Two small pieces were cleaned, all paint and rust removed. Once finished, a good coat of primer was put on the blank metal.

In the late afternoon, I went checking the little boat. Since it is taking more and more water, while it has not been raining, I decided to have a closer look at the hull. While standing in the boat, water came into my boots. I discovered the plug for the air tanks is missing. I have no suitable crane so I added a few more heavier ropes to my ship. If it sinks completely, the ropes will hold the boat.

I really hope the owner will come and collect it.

Watergeus – Salvage of a small boat

6th March 2010 – In the early morning, when I was on deck, I noticed a small boat drifting by with nobody aboard. It was a little to far from my ship to grab it with a hook, so I went to land and threw an anchor to the boat to get it.


In the afternoon I put some green near the gangway.

Watergeus – Stoelen

10th February 2010 – I finally have them! After looking for over four years I now found a set of stoelen. These are supports, mounted on the den for putting your gangway, broom and other tools.

Thanks to the owners of the spits barge Julie!

No news

1st February 2010 – For those who follow the conversion of the Watergeus, not much is happening at the moment. I have many plans and will start working soon again! I’m looking for pieces at the moment. Once I have everything I need, updates will follow quickly again!

In the meantime I’m still working on my book for (new) barge owners.

Watergeus – Slow Progress

17th January 2010 – With my wrist going the wrong way, and not being motivated work on the Watergeus has been halted. I started cleaning the front last week, cleaned the engine room and that’s it. I helped a few people on other barges but that’s were it has stopped for now.

I’m more or less concentrating on a book I’m writing. I still have many plans, but first, I want my wrist to be fine again!

Since it was the first nice day this year, it was the moment to take some pictures:


New Years Eve!

1st January 2010 – Last night the neighbours of the vessels and those living in the street came together to have a drink on the New Year.

With little to no sleep I had to fix a heather problem on another ship in Bruges. It took me more then an hour, since I didn’t knew the system. After a while it was working, so I could return home.

This year, I want to finish the front area on the ship and the deck. A very big job that will involve a lot of work, including welding, cutting, woodwork, etc… But the first job that needed to be done was cleaning. I resumed cleaning the front cabin, a job I had to stop last year.

My chimney was extended with half a meter extra. A small cable is attached to in case the wind blows it off it can be recovered. A better solution was to put two cables so the wind can’t take it off. This was also done today.

Watergeus – Christmas

25th December 2009 – First of all I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

As you could read, the last two months I haven’t done much work on the ship. I have many plans such as finishing the front, converting the storage area into a room, putting a new floor in the wheelhouse, sanding the inside and repair the wheelhouse, etc…

I’m making a planning for all these jobs. I would like to start halfway January with the wheelhouse.