Watergeus – Workshop and LED

2nd March 2020 – My neighbour gave me some good advice about my LED lights. I tuned them, pointing at the metal. Now the back accommodation is lighted up. It looks much better then just a light strip. 

I also continued working in the workshop, building another wall with insulation and plywood. The next step is the ceiling and mounting the door between the room for the central heating and the workshop. 

Watergeus – Plywood

2nd March 2020 – Buying plywood and unloading it aboard the Watergeus. Since I don’t have much space, I have to get small quantities. After nearly fifteen years of converting the Watergeus, I don’t want to know how much wood was loaded aboard this ship…

Tordino – Following courses

30th January 2020 – I had some more courses today for working with a digital collection system for Museumschip Tordino.  Very soon, I will be visible on Erfgoed in Zicht. Besides the useful information you get, it is also part of networking.