Tordino – Moving the old hatches

22nd December 2017 – I made my decision. I will move the old hatches to another location. I’m loosing some space, but at least I can now build the back cabin as I want. I want to keep it completely. This is the only way how visitors will have the feel of living in the late ’20. It will be used as a cinema room. There will be a corridor to walk to the second part of the hold.

I got some portholes from a skipper. I will use them to decorate that corridor!

Tordino- Building the old cabin

19th December 2017 – I started building the cabin for real. Not just putting the panels in the right order, but mounting them to a complete room. halfway, I realized I will have to move some parts in the hold or find another solution. the cabin is 4m60 x 3m80. Nearly a square box, which is way to big to fit in the hold properly.

I’m thinking what to do. Only build half a cabin, move the old hatches and den, …..

Tordino- Loading wood aboard

17th December 2017 – Unloading stuff is one of the most annoying jobs on that ship. I need to walk over another one, walk down the stairs and put it in the hold. I bought some wooden planks and t&g in promotion. Now I had to put it in the hold.

Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 2

14th December 2017 – The second part of the old cabin were smaller pieces like shelves and doors. I unloaded them in the evening, and finsished with some frame building. It is nice to work in a clean environment whee everything is painted, no grease, dirt or rubbish around you. I was surprised to see how much progress you can make in one evening.

Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 1

12th December 2017  – Moving the old cabin to Tordino wasn’t as easy as planned. Both ships were covered with a layer of ice. It was dangerous, but there was no other day I could do it.

Two friends helped me out. It took us some time to unload the panels. They had to be moved carefully. Nearly a hundred years old, they are going to be reassembled in the near future.

Tordino- Last day open!

9th December 2017 – I made the exhibition hold ready for winter by covering the panels and objects.

In the afternoon, I started building the wooden frame for one of the walls. It took me a lot of time to get my stuff and tools. I put them away in September for Open Monumentendag and hadn’t use them ever since.

Watergeus: Rain coming through

29th November 2017 – Another night of heavy raining. While I went to the engine room, water was running from the ceiling on several spots. I tried putting a few buckets before going to work. I can no longer ignore there is no problem…

catching water in the engine room

Watergeus: Cables

28th November 2017 – I managed to finish most of my cables. Only a few more need to done. I just ordered my two VHF radios and a set of antennas. Once they are delivered, I can finish the panels and hopefully, everything will work.

Mounting cables in the wheelhouse

Watergeus – Mounting cable gutters in the engine room

13th November 2017 – I mounted the first cable gutter in the engine room. The cables need to run tightly and clean, not like it used to be, around everything and everywhere. I don’t want to think yet how many cables that will be running through the engine room, but with all the equipment, there will be a lot!

Two power cables are running from the battery. One of them is spare or in case I need another set of batteries.